Being Extraordinary – What sets you apart?

Being Extraordinary – What sets you apart?

Arthur Carmazzi in Pune, India

NOTE: This video is about being Extraordinary, and the girl in the video has achieved a higher level… BUT I do not condone the exploitation of Children by their parents to earn a living.Free Colored Brain Psychometric Infographics

I am on the street side, and right here, before your eyes, we have a young performer right on the edge of the street. Now, what we usually do is we usually teach our children to walk, and maybe we teach them to talk, and then we often times teach them to run. But how many of us take our children to the next level? How many of us take ourselves to the next level… our leadership, our organizational culture or our own personal excellence.

Often, this is where we essentially get the perspective of the average requirement. In our jobs, in our organizations, in the work we do, we look for the minimum requirements in order to basically achieve what we need to achieve. Now, I’m not saying that you should get your child to be a street performer, or that you should exploit your children to make money… but I want you to think about the decisions you make when you are at work, when you are doing what is required, what about that next level, that next thing. Sometimes you think, “It’s too hard. It takes too much work. How much effort am I really going to have to put in to get to that next level, to get that extra skill that I need?” Well, anything is possible, as you can see right here. A young girl, walking tightrope for the purpose of basically entertainment and possibly some profit. But here’s the thing: where are you right now compared to where you would like to be and what has been stopping you from achieving that next level of excellence, or that next level of skill, or that next level of whatever you are trying to achieve?

This is Arthur Carmazzi wishing you great success.


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