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Only !!% of organizations foster a high level of trust with their employees ENGAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES with Trust!!!

Employee Engagement

DC Employee engagement processes are based on the idea that human beings are fundamentally emotionally self serving. And that if they are emotionally connected to how they can personally succeed “through” the organization they work in and Trust the leaders that influence that success, that their attitudes, application of talent and skills, and productivity will increase. Employees who are not engaged are usually under achievers since their ability usually supersedes their effort. Our programs support employees to nurture an environment where they can not only meet organizational standards, but their own standards which are usually higher.

There are two ways to improve your organizations employee engagement with DCI:

  • With our Employee Engagement Initiative that will …
  • With our adventures in Employee Engagement worksho…

*The purpose of this page is to provide the latest and most accurate data on employee engagement with the intent that you will hire us to, well, engage your employees. The research provided is based on employee engagement research gathered from the internet. While we do make every effort get the most recent and accurate information, we cannot guarantee it or its accuracy since we didn’t personally do all or possibly any of the research. All employee engagement, organizational culture, and leadership research done us, will say “DCI study”

**The goal of sharing all this research and info and making it look cool, is that you will be so impressed with our stuff (application and implementation of employee engagement research to create Results), that you will hire us. So please do that, hire us because we will continue to impress you.

…and, our programs will help you improve your organizational culture too. Engagement and culture are party buddies.

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