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Quote by Arthur Carmazzi

Directive Communication Organizational Psychology

As individuals affect and are affected by each other in specific work and personal environments or cultures, Directive Communication  Organizational Psychology, developed by Arthur Carmazzi, establishes an awareness of the emotional and decision making base for optimizing the way people interact with each other in an organization, team or group. It enables individuals the ability to specifically and positively direct enthusiasm and action for themselves and the people around them. It exposes individuals to the mental, emotional, and physical triggers that will lead to improvement in their quality of life in and out of work.

Directive Communication psychology Accredited Certification Training is applied in Leadership Development, Organizational Culture Change and Employee Engagement. In other words, this the layman’s way of figuring people out and know why they are doing all the #&%@ stuff they are doing, then do some cool tricks to help them get back on track and give you some peace….

The functional and Leadership Models in the Directive Communication Organizational Psychology form a system. The point is MAKE IT EASY! Other “systems” try and figure out everything in one tool… HAAAA! This makes things super complicated and then only the HR guys know what is going on. Not exactly practical.

* Since Directive Communication Organizational Psychology is the science of group dynamics, it is used in Training and Organizational Development… at least the parts dealing with people and how people act and react to each other. So the same Directive Communication methodology used to develop leadership, better communication, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, leadership coaching and so on, is used in the training workshop to get super awesome results.

** If you want to be a super cool trainer who has an internationally accredited certification in Directive Communication Psychology Training, join our team

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