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Selected DC Psychology workshops are eligible for Internationally Accredited Achievement Level Certification in Leadership Psychology




With a 3 day program Plus documented implementation based on either of these workshops

Two of our branded Directive Communication Psychology based workshops are eligible for the AIOBP Achievement Level Qualification with accredited certifications in LEADERSHIP PSYCHOLOGY.

These are implantation based qualifications that can be completed through or designated and AIOBP approved workshops. To qualify, participants must implement learning in a real world context. These efforts must be documented, photographed and completed within 3 months of the certification workshop and presented in real time during the 3 months. Documentation can be in the form of social media such as a Facebook page or Google plus group in order to make the process of documentation easy.

Criteria for documentation is to briefly explain his/her application, how, who, what, when, where, and why, and, to explain the result. This can be a simple paragraph along with a picture. Pictures are mandatory since it must reflect real life implementation. The documented instances must reflect competency in the learned elements being implemented.

The qualified participant should be able to demonstrate his or her ability to use the Directive Communication methodology in any 5 of the following:

  1. Apply psychological principles to tangibly improve the performance of a team or department.
  2. Employ psychological instruments in hiring and/or developing others.
  3. Apply psychological principles to tangibly improve communication in teams, or workgroups
  4. Apply psychological principles to improve marketing processes.
  5. Teach others what you have learned to facilitate more cooperation and synergy
  6. Improve an existing product or service using behavioral science knowledge.
  7. Devise a means to stimulate organizational innovation.
  8. Add tangible value to business strategy with senior executives.
  9. Model an effective coaching or mentoring process.
  10. Model an effective training or facilitation process.

Unlike other internationally accredited certifications, this “Achievement Level” Certification does not require a 20,000 word report or dissertation. It is focus on real world implementation, not theory or knowledge. This certification indicates the tangible ability of implementation.

Below are examples of DELL Computer (Malaysia) which had it’s middle and senior management get their accredited certifications. In this case the reporting medium was Facebook through the Directive Communication page (in other instances, organizations may wish to remain private and other platforms are used).

They showed their active implementation in the following criteria:

  1. Applying the strategies for creating a blame free environment
  2. Implementing a No lizard campaign to improve trust and reduce stress
  3. Identifying colored brain of team members and communicating best strategies to improve team effectiveness though brain color
  4. Identify emotional drivers of team members and support productivity and engagement by applying motivation clusters and reduce Need Sucking
  5. Support each team member to discover their Ideal Leadership Identity and support its implementation with the 5 environment pillars of transformation


Achievement Progress
Progress of Completed Achievements
Leveraging on Colored Brain Team Mix
Creative Communication processes
Senior Managers Meet 3 months after there class to compare Achivements