When Hope turns to Darkness

When Hope turns to Darkness

Mermaids used to be the sign of hope, sailors who would catch a glimpse of a mermaid during their sea voyage would be blessed with good luck, but then someone apparently saw a mermaid, then the ship was in a storm that ran it aground on the rocks of a nearby landmass… and so the mermaid, who had been the sign of hope, suddenly became the harbinger of evil, a siren who would lead you to your doom.

We often find this phenomena in companies, leaders and relationships…

When we first start a job, a relationship, get a new boss… we have hope, the greater possibility of happiness and success in our lives. But, when there is a storm… and there will always be a storm, that hope turns to unrealized expectations, and then the bringer of hope is suddenly transformed to a dark image. The question is, “Has that person really changed?” or is it that our expectations far outweighed the reality, that we focused only on the great and deleted the rest, and now, after the storm, we suddenly delete the good and focus on the bad. In many situations, it is not the mermaids fault, the storm is the storm and the mermaid remains the mermaid with all the good and the bad.

So how is your focus affecting your bigger goals, do you blame the mermaid when there is a storm, or do you hold on to the hope and keep sight of the light at the end of the storm? What have you given up on? What has it cost you? What are a few minor modifications you can make that would make your hopes more real even though there may be occasional storms?

21 thoughts on “When Hope turns to Darkness

  1. I simply want to tell you that this really helped me get some clarity in a personal relationship and really loved this story. You amazingly come with superb ideas about mermaids and heroes and manage to make them so meaningful to real life. Thanks Mr Arthur Carmazzi, you are really a guru

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  3. Ths hit me hard! this is a very useful article for many users. thanks for putting across these details about the leadership development.

    Before you go to sleep, make some basic decisions about what you will do tomorrow, such as what you will wear, what you will eat for lunch, and the route you will take to work. That’s how I do it, Arthur Carmazzi.

  5. High-performing organizations foster a culture of continuous learning and take a much more holistic approach to leadership training and developing their most strategic asset: their people.

  6. We all have expectations about upcoming events, current events, ourselves, and others. Arthur Carmazzi is right, Those expectations can alter your view of the present more than you’d think though. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s for the worst. Let’s take a look at how it works, that also implies with leadership development/

  7. One of my mistake is Setting Unrealistic Goals. Arthur Carmazzi has been a great teacher of mindset and leadership development skills and so far every goal is achievable.

  8. Some of the appropriate conditions to use this leadership style is when you have all the information to solve the problem, you are short on time, and/or your employees are well motivated. Thanks Arthur Carmazzi,

  9. Thumbs up! This blog made me feel a better person. From now on, I will look on the brighter side of life, leadership and relationship. Kudos Arthur Carmazzi!

  10. Love how Arthur Carmazzi thought the message. It is important to focus on the goal of the organization rather than letting the destruction destroy it. That’s why leaders must need to keep their team in the know about their vision and stick to it.

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