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DC Train the Trainer Certification

The DC Train the trainer certification process is NOT for anyone. We do not want trainers who only think about money. While money is good, and some of our DC Certified Trainers are making over a Million Dollars a year, it cannot be the only motivating factor… We want trainers who want to make a difference, make the world a better place, who’s role is transforming lives and having fun in the process. We want trainers who inspire each other to consistently do better. So if you are thinking about joining the DC Internationally Accredited Train the Trainer certification, and get your internationally recognized certification, think about the family you are joining too. If you fit into our culture, it will be the best decision you ever made. You will not only be part of an international group of trainers making a difference traveling around the world, but can make lots of money in the process. The Train the Trainer is only the first step in a MUCH bigger picture. Check the DC Psychology TrainTheTrainer.asia

Is the DC Psychology Train the Trainer Certification and License for you?

Ok, one more thing… lets face it, international trainers have lots of fun and have the potential to make lots of money, and a BIG difference. But no train the trainer in the world will help you achieve this if you are not the kind of person who likes to interact with people. The train the trainer certification training by Directive Communication International is originated by Arthur Carmazzi. It is a licence in DC Group Dynamics Psychology. which means, it needs groups to work! So another part of “what it takes” to join our train the trainer workshop is… the desire be part of a group and interact with people.
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