Fight your inner Villain! Day 4 of DC TTT Program in Bali, March 2015

Fight your inner Villain! Day 4 of DC TTT Program in Bali, March 2015

Fighting villains in Bali is not that scary! And here is why…
It has been an awesome time in Avalon Villa Resort where everybody clicked and worked together. Well, it isn’t that hard when you have green view, murmuring of a creek and bunch of exotic fruits first thing in the morning. Or as one of the participants said – ‘This beauty here in Avalon definitely helps’.

But after laughter and all the fun, suddenly there was dead silence. Because there was a special task to accomplish:
If you were a Superhero, what would you look like?
What would be your name and your super-powers?
What are your values as a superhero and headlines  would appear about you in media?
What are your top three Emotional Drivers?
What has to happen for your Superhero to appear? – Arthur was talking, while everybody was drawing. He wanted everyone to really look deep inside of them. And they did!


Super concentration was in the air, because the participants also had to draw a Villain – their alter ego, thing that is preventing them to be themselves. Villain was their biggest fear. Sounds familiar?
– Beating your inner Villain is all about courage. Villain is real but powerless when there is courage to defeat him – explained Arthur Carmazzi, founder of DC method.

Also, participants had to write the name of real people they have met, the ones they admire, respect, someone who made a difference in their life. So you can imagine that was pretty deep and required lot of inner work.
It was the longest time without laughing and talking so far during the whole program. And after that it was also the craziest. Because after all that, each participant had to find a partner, shout out loud their values and goals, using the ‘Warrior’ posture and tear their inner Villain apart.

But no, no, no, that was not the end! They also had to tell each participant why they respect them. All of a sudden the temperature in the room changed and went to a loving mode.

Lots of hugging and gratitude was around and it was amazing!
Simply because that is what DC makes you do – be at your best!

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