Directive Communication International is committed to protecting the privacy of its subscribers and other users of its online services, as follows:

E-mail addresses

We ask subscribers who register for our online services to provide us with their e-mail addresses so we can send them e-mail news briefings. We also ask for e-mail addresses from users who want to be notified about job openings in their fields.

These addresses are used only to send news and job updates and account information to those subscribers. Directive Communication International never sells, rents, or lends e-mail addresses of users to anyone.

E-mailed news and job updates may contain advertising, and such advertising may be “targeted” based on demographic information, e-mail domains, or zip codes. Such targeting is done through processes internal to Directive Communication International, and information from subscribers is not made available to advertisers or anyone else outside Directive Communication International.

E-mail addresses that we obtain as part of our “e-mail this article” or “e-mail this job announcement” services are used only to provide that service. We do not share them with anyone or use them for any other purpose.

User names and passwords

Each subscriber who registers to use this service has a user name and password. Subscribers may choose their own user names and passwords or use names and passwords generated by Directive Communication International.

Passwords are the private property of the subscriber. For reasons of security and privacy, we do not give out passwords to anyone. If you forget your password, you can reset it from your computer. If you forget your user name, you can send yourself an e-mail reminder.