Arthur Carmazzi – Foundations for Blame

Arthur Carmazzi – Foundations for Blame

Foundations for Blame come from our intrinsic need for significance; our ego is constantly looking for reasons why we are not wrong, why the decisions we make were ok… if it wasn’t for… “X”. Blame is a response to our fear of not being good enough.

Blame circumstances, blame others, the bottom line is Blame, NEVER solves the problem. What it does is makes people feel better for the moment, they become the victims and as victims, they have no responsibility to solve the problem…

after all, “it’s not their fault”. When people blame they give up their power to change what is into what they want it to become. They lose sight of their objective and focus on the problem.

STOP blaming, focus on your objective, not on the processes and obstacles, become greater than your ego and accept that is you who creates your circumstances.


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