Arthur Carmazzi – New Leadership Book Part 4

Arthur Carmazzi – New Leadership Book Part 4

“Team Leadership Lessons from the Great Pyramids – Nurturing Highly Motivated Teams to Do the Impossible

Continued from Part 3

TepTep sighed, if he is truly to fulfill his dream to become the type of leader who can build long lasting institutions (or pyramids), his journey must extend far beyond what he has learned and even what he believes to be true. He must break old habits and be prepared to accept that his reality may need to be redefined.

Bubu took down a small model of a pyramid and laid it on the table. There were three layers in this model, he started with the first, the foundation

Picture of the model

As skills developed, stronger structures were built. But, they took a long time to construct and were not very significant. They had a good appearance, but lacked in function and durability. They had nowhere near the prominence and longevity of the great pyramids. They were mediocre.

Building great pyramids is the similar to building great leaders, it requires commitment. There are 3 levels of commitment when doing a job or project or even a relationship, the first starts with a foundation… Skill.

Before you can lead others to evolve past the commitment level of Skill, you need to go on a journey. By the end of your journey, you will have the ability and psychology to win the commitment of the people you lead.

So the first step in your journey is to find a white chicken, then take it to the chief stone carver Achmad

What’s the chicken for asked TepTep?

Dinner! Answered Bubu, Achmad is now a consultant and everyone knows consultants are paid in chickens.

So TepTep went to the market, picked up a chicken and went to see Achmad the Chief Stone Carver turned consultant.

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