Leadership and Engagement through interviews by Arthur Carmazzi

Leadership and Engagement through interviews by Arthur Carmazzi

Leadership and Engagement with Interviews

In this Leadership and Engagement through interviews post, Arthur Carmazzi interviews Genecia Alluora

She has a regular live show on Facebook and a huge following. Her notoriety is the foundation for her financial success. But wait, there’s more! Because of the interviews and sharing she also creates close bonds (as demonstrated when she breaks down and cries in the interview here) and that has a big impact on 3 areas of Leadership and Engagement…


  1. The personal involvement shows passion and sincerity

    1. If you know Colored Brain psychometric, this attracts Blue Brained People by speaking through connection. On the emotional motivations side, this draws on people who are driven by being around people. For this group, this creates engagement and a draw to watch her show and connect with her and her guests. And, she also benefits because through this connection. She feels what others have gone through and her experience and communication competency levels increase through other people’s challenges and how they overcame them.
    2. How can we use this?
      1. Gain experience through others to improve competency
      2. Have more engagement with people by short interviews… get to know them, be interested them and involve others in the interview to get more Team Engagement
  2. She has a Green Brain (chaotic processing who gets clarity through action), and by asking questions, she gets more clarity about her goals, strategies, ideas and how to achieve them.

    1. This helps her to be a better leader with her team and lead her team to do the same. And this also creates more clarity with her team, and therefore a clearer vision and direction when you know what your people want.
    2. How can we use this?
      1. Get more clarity and vision and help others do the same
      2. Be a better leader by knowing what your people desire
  3. Staying inspired. Interviewing others about their dreams, their struggles, their triumphs and their achievements in the face of difficulty helps her to see how she can be better and is a constant source of inspiration.

    1. How can we use this?
      1. Keep yourself motivated
      2. Involve others and keep them motivated

So… spend some time with your team and interview them ON VIDEO and with a live audience (your team members) to be a better leader, gain more competency and more engagement. And try this with your family, when was the last time you really found out their dreams?



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