Arthur Carmazzi – Behavior of Buying

Arthur Carmazzi – Behavior of Buying

Arthur Carmazzi in Istanbul

In this episode of Agents of change, Arthur is in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar. Today we look at the dynamics of the behavior of buying and why we buy more stuff when we travel, even if we don’t need it. Arthur Carmazzi addresses the emotional factors of scarcity and diversity and how they are are exaggerated to create a heightened seance of “Need”. Watch Arthur as he explains the psychology behind having a lower thresh hold to spending money and how being away from home changes your buying behavior.

3 thoughts on “Arthur Carmazzi – Behavior of Buying

  1. Right, the marketing to an audience that you don’t truly understand will not get you very far; the only way to reach and connect with a customer, the only way to influence their purchasing decision is to understand their buying behavior.

  2. I like you emphasize scarcity and diversity. It helps me as a traveler. Another great job about organizational culture, thanks Arthur Carmazzi!

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