Arthur Carmazzi – Help me Write my New Book

Arthur Carmazzi – Help me Write my New Book

With the great success of “Lessons from the Monkey King – Leading Change to Create Gorilla Sized Results”, I was requested to write 2 more books of the same style in the series – I’m late!

The second book is “Team Leadership Lessons from the Great Pyramids – Nurturing Highly Motivated Teams to Do the Impossible”… and it’s not finished… So, I am asking the Community to share their experience and help me write it.

Here is how it works:

I will post the first chapter on March 1st at 9am Bali time (GMT +8). Please comment on the chapter, give ideas and personal stories that relate to it. Also, this has some real historical tidbits thrown in with the fun stuff so you can contribute there too.

ALL contributions will be considered but not all used. If your contribution is used, you will be included in the book credits. The more contributions that are used, the higher your name on the list.

We will also be having live “Facebook Saturday Brainstorming” on Saturdays (starting March 5th) at 10am Bali time (GMT +8) on the Arthur F Carmazzi Page. Please “Like” this to be in the loop and/or participate


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