Productivity and your physical Office Environment

Productivity and your physical Office Environment

Arthur Carmazzi coming to you once again from Dubai

This time we’re going to talk about corporate culture but in a different way. We’re going to be talking about the environment but in a different way. See, when we go to work, the work environment, in colored brain infographicthis particular case we’re talking about the physical environment, also has an effect on our productivity.

First of all, number one, nature supports creativity, calmness, and the ability to solve problems more effectively. This is not my research but you can check it out. Psychology today is full of articles that basically support this claim. So what kind of an office are you working in? Are you working in an office that’s basically just kind of, well, basically, grey and has got cubicles and everything else? Or do you have nature, do you have wood, do you have water, do you have plants? Or do you have at least windows that allow the sunlight to come in? Do you have bright colors to support it? Because the colors you have within the environment, the nature that you can incorporate into the environment, are going to support a better attitude, and also better productivity.

Arthur Carmazzi wishing you great success.

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