Are You Eroding Trust in Your Organizational Culture?

Are You Eroding Trust in Your Organizational Culture?

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At the Tana Lot Temple in South Bali, erosion has made it way through the volcanic stone leaving caves and holes. Trust in organizational culture, a team, or a relationship can also be eroded…

Little by little, Blame and the “I’m Right” attitude erodes the foundations of a personal sense of value and STOPS people from taking risks related to innovation and from being proactive in solving problems… Trust is slowly eaten away in the name of “Accountability” and “Efficiency” yet has poor long term results… when trust is eroded, so is passion, when passion is eroded so is proactive action and people become underachievers wasting time and effort defeating the entire purpose of “Accountability” and “Efficiency”. The Solution: Fail Intelligently… Watch this video for a few insights on the erosion of trust and how it affects your organizational culture and even your personal relationships…

…Then look below the video to see the 3 steps to Failing Intelligently to develop and nurture trust in organizational culture 


Failing Intelligently

  • Ask if they are aware of consequences of action/inaction – sometimes people are NOT aware

  • Ask them for immediate solutions to overcoming situation or consequences – many people will tell you they do not know… DO NOT accept this answer, tell them you understand they don’t know and ask “What if You Did Know, What would you do?” You may need to ask this a few times before they figure out you will not give them the answer… then they will remove the peanut-butter from their brain and actually give you the answer… or at least a place to start, then use questions to refine Their Solution. When They own the solution the attitude and dynamic support growth and proactive competence.

  • Ask what they can do in the future to prevent a similar situation – after they have done step 2, this is easy… and it supports them to take on a leadership role.


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