When Did Hitler Go Bad? OR How to Manage Your Destiny

When Did Hitler Go Bad? OR How to Manage Your Destiny


Yesterday I was talking to my son, Dante about history and villains. And he suddenly asked me this question: ‘Was Hitler bad when he was a child or what made him bad or when did he become bad?’ An interesting question, isn’t it?

Just think about it: what really determines the destiny of somebody who has achieved greatness or of someone who has been condemned as the most evil human-being on earth?

In this episode you will find out that what we create in our destiny has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

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One thought on “When Did Hitler Go Bad? OR How to Manage Your Destiny

  1. Vewing from few angles. People are generally living in a dimension whereby we do not know that our interrelationship with one another or one with the universe, is interlinked and affecting results. In short, I think people get influenced by the environment, be it in short term or long term.
    In our mortal world, I suppose people whom get changed are people who have an intention for certain “goals” that they recognise or deem as the ultimatum for success and power.
    In Hinduism and Buddhist context, it is karma and karmic result.
    I hope I did not deviate from the topic. Namaste.

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