world of work map


Product Description

The “world of work” map is designed to Chart progress and discover new realities.

It can assist users to get more out of the different areas of work and have less negative effects from the emotions and difficulties that arise in the different work areas.

Additionally the in the discovery process, ranking each area in order of importance identifies priorities (conscious or subconscious) and where we spend much of our time. When we indicate the problems with “Others” in each area, this identifies our own difficulties and issues that we have when dealing with people.

The “world of work” map is made of 6 different areas:

  • Meeting Land

Discover the emotions and effectiveness we have during meetings

  • The Solo Caves

Find the emotions and effectiveness of working alone

  • Team Mountain

Find our emotions and effectiveness through working teams

  • The Directive Interaction Forest

Find emotions and effectiveness in giving and/or getting direction

  • The Social Jungle

The emotions that affect our effectiveness when socializing with colleagues

  • Uncharted Waters

Emotions and effectiveness about encountering things we don’t know

As a Motivation Map

Awareness of what drives each environment is essential before any change can happen. Each area of our work can give us motivation or take it away. Every work environment interacts with the others and influences our working routine.

By knowing where and why your emotional needs are most fulfilled and where they are not, you can more confidently confront the obstacles that prevent you from venturing into those areas that seem to suck dry any desire to excel.

When you document your actions, motivations, and how and why you act and react to others in each area, your World of Motivation becomes very clear. You will be constantly reminded of where you are and what makes you productive. You will be more able to deal with the people and situations that de-motivate you.

As a Skill Development Map

Skill application is more important that skill knowledge, without application a skill is useless. Using the Map to identify the obstacles, triumphs, and positive and negative areas of work where we apply a new skill gives us a fun and unobtrusive method of self-measurement and personal feedback to create a clear path to find our “treasure” or skill application objectives.

As an Interview tool

Play a game with your candidates using the map and discover the problem areas they would NEVER tell you about. The Map acts as a reflective interface between the subconscious need to be right, and the blame that is passed to others for our own inadequacies. DC Trained interviewers will easily identify these inadequacies. Excellent for self-reflection and improvement too.

As a Productivity Map

Applications to Time Management and work process identify areas of work that are Not being productive and the issues that are preventing you from achieving higher levels of effectiveness. Using simple X’s ¶’s and O’s, chart a course for better Personal Productivity.

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