Colored Brain

Colored Brain Certification

Product Description

As a successful certified Colored Brain Facilitator/Practitioner, you will be able to understand and apply the DC Colored Brain model to improve the effectiveness of your teams, leadership, and personal productivity. You will have the tools to eliminate much of the stress and frustration that may exist in the workplace.

You will be qualified to train others to identify people with different colored brains and how they can APPLY that for GREATER PRODUCTIVITY at work and home. You will be able to properly administer and interpret the Directive Communication Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI).

As a trainer/facilitator You will have the mechanism to transform peopleto bring out the best in each other and create a working environment of better cooperation and personal/organisational success. You will be certified in Colored Brain applications and able to deliver a variety of ½ day, full day, or 2 day courses on Colored Brain and its organizational and career applications.

Accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology (upon successfully completing and passing written and practical examinations)

  • Specially designed participant manual
  • Comprehensive facilitators guide that provides detailed actions in a training environment
  • Comprehensive training and implementation guide for operating and maintaining a successful facilitation and training business
  • Comprehensive audio and video guides to lead you to successful implementation
  • Proprietary games insure fun and have proven exceptional learning results
  • Proprietary Psychometric instruments currently used by multi-nationals around the globe
  • Marketing materials and pre-designed ads, letters, emails and advertorials
  • Soft copies of each of our marketing materials for easy modification and electronic distribution
  • Marketing and PR check lists that allow easy adaptation to any business environment
  • Printed postcards for easy follow-up
  • A systematic journal with a step by step workbook for every client
  • Automated e-marketing software