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Dramatically Improve Your Brain Power and Productivity in only Minutes a Day

This Directive Communication™ Power Productivity Pack has been created with applications of DC Psychology to help you MAXIMIZE your personal Mental Abilities, and Achieve Better Outcomes with Your Teams

This set, expands the application of the famous DC Colored Brain Communication Cards and delivers all the tools you need to maximize their use in:

  • Make better decisions with more insights
  • Assess the way someone really feels about a situation or project
  • To communicate to yourself and others at the deepest most intimate levels
  • Improve your relationships
  • Interview and selection
  • Discover the way a person genetically processes information for super communication and understanding
  • Have a better understanding of the consequences and benefits for actions you need to take
  • Help others to realize a greater meaning in what they are doing
  • Discover the emotional needs of those you work and live with and express your needs
  • Creating deeper communication between people working together
  • Establish the motivating factors that make others excel
  • Discovering greater insights about people, products or services
  • Creative idea generation and brain storming
  • Create new systems of effective work
  • More effective Sales Closing

But this set goes beyond individual applications… Because the 3 CDs and exercise book teaches you how in only 3 to 10 minutes a day, YOU can expand your:

  • Creativity
  • Logical Thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Sensitivity to People and Your Surroundings
  • Memory
  • Innovative Problem Solving

Identity Intelligence

The short exercises have been designed to Increase brain power to be more Creative, Logical, Detailed, and make Better Decisions, to understand and communicate with others at a deeper level including the identifying Motivating Factors and the ability to help others realize a Greater Meaning in what they are doing.

How many mistakes have we all made? How much money have we lost because of not having CREATIVITY to find better solutions?

The information and tools in this set combine the associative power of the CBC Cards to bring out the best in thinking, communicating and influencing others, with Directive Communication games and exercises.

BUT what if you want to HELP OTHERS?

Or even Develop YOUR KIDS?

These are ideal tools to take Coaching, Facilitation and Management skills to the next Level!

And now you can use this POWERFUL Tool to do the same!

The 3 CDs alone sell for $28 each, and $15 each for

The CBC Cards for a total of $134 – But You can get the WHOLE Kit for Only $60

AND, The DC Productivity Power Pack is 100% guaranteed!

If it doesn’t do everything we say it does, we give you a full refund, No Questions Asked!

…Then you are ready for the DC Productivity Power Pack

…If you are ready to increase your Brain Power and Creativity

…If you are ready to improve Memory and Problem Solving

…If you improving relationships with friends, family, children is important to you

…If you are ready to take you and your teams to the next level

…Then Get it NOW with No Risk!

This package includes:

  • A power-packed instructional CD by Arthur F. Carmazzi, the founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology
  • 2 sets of Colored Brain Communication Cards
  • An instruction booklet with 12 different games and exercises that you can use to achieve your growth and communication objective
  • Drivers Currency that you can use to clearly understand the motivations of those around you

Get Your DC Productivity Power Pack Today and be one of the elite Improves Brain Power and Productivity in only Minutes a Day in your area!

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