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Product Description

Arthur’s inspiring Monkey King Story Animated Storybook Video. Learn the perceived obstacles to your success and overcome them through the monkey king journey with the grand finally taking you to a clear visualization of your greater success.

This motivational storybook can be used for team motivation as well as personal inspiration. This story directs your focus to implementation in an environment where people get busy and focus on things that will not support their success, it moves them through the trials that they face in real life and how to change that environment to make things happen.

In this story you will achieve:

  • Understanding how your current actions are affecting your greater destiny
  • Developing courage to step out of your comfort zone
  • Knowing that you, one person, can make a noticeable impact on your environment
  • Relating real life barriers to success and applying the psychology of focus to break through them
  • A hypnotic state that will take you into your future, breaking your barriers, and moving forward with daily actions that will inevitably translate your dreams into reality