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ALL 4 Required Trainer Certification Modules and Materials to Train, Coach, and Apply Directive Communication Psychology including the Colored Brain, Emotional Drive and Motivation, Dynamic speaking and facilitation, and curriculum development. PLUS the Product Resale Rights and Trainer Business Starter Package


When You Become a DC Psychology Certified Trainer:

  • You WILL get up to 42% Better results in Retention of your training content, and 38% more implementation of skills and behaviors learned
  • Build better Relationships, business and More Return business.
  • Get 4 Internationally Recognized Certifications in Directive Communication Psychology that are Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology.

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  • Each Train the Trainer Module Includes the Full Set of Training Manuals, Facilitator’s Guides, DVDs, CDs, Slides, Participants Manuals and Handouts, Marketing Materials, and Proprietary DC Tools created by Arthur Carmazzi. Both the Online components of the course and the Offlinecomponents use Proprietary DC tools and Assessments to achieve learning and perception change goals.Train The Trainer Tools
    • PLUS the Product Resale Rights and Trainer Business Starter Package with you OWN Website. You will be able to revisit the Online Training component anytime you want, and there are no fees to re-attend the Certification anywhere in the world.


What happens when You Join our Team

Hear What Super Star Trainer Azizan Osman says about his journey to get DC Certified

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