Design For :

Designed For

Anyone who has new responsibilities to lead a team. Supervisors, team leads, managers, and others interested in becoming a better leader and a contributing team member will greatly benefit from this one-week experience. Many may want to take this seminar/workshop more than once for continuous improvement.

You Will Learn

You will learn

How To:

  • Become a more effective leader by overcoming the “tyranny of the urgent” with better time management
  • Make better decisions by assessing when to make what kind of decisions
  • Help others develop themselves by unleashing their career motivation
  • Have more effective communications with technical and non-technical teams by developing the patience to let the team do its work
  • Recognize and resolve conflicts before they get out of control by early detection of conflicts, when they’re simpler and have less impact
  • Develop the ability to lead an empowered team of technical professionals by more effective delegation
  • Reduce your own stress level by teaching yourself how to lower your stress with clearer thinking
  • Learn assessment techniques for yours and other’s people skills by raising the competency levels of yourself and your team
  • Walk your talk by getting buy-in for your ideas and vision
  • Leading by example

Course Content

Course Content
  • The nature of teams
  • Leadership vs. management
  • Self-centering and tangential leadership
  • Listening
  • Motivation
  • Group dynamics
  • Conflict management
  • Team-building
  • Critical thinking and taking action