Leadership Coaching by Arthur Carmazzi

Personal Development Coaching combined with Mentoring to Achieve What You Want

Coaching is one of the best ways to inspire and motivate individuals to work on themselves, improve their performance, and achieve their goals in life. It provides you with an opportunity to focus on the skills that you may be lacking and become more proficient in what you are doing. Through this, you are able to achieve lasting results and attract success.

Step Up in Leadership

Ranked as one of the best leadership gurus, Arthur Carmazzi implements psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. He uses innovative techniques acknowledged by some of the biggest organizations in the world. Therefore, if you want to reach your peak performance and become the force for good, you know he’s got your back!

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Why You Need Coaching?

The great advantage with coaching is that it allows you to see quick and positive results. This is because, the coaching process is participative and allows individuals to learn and adopt new skills and habits. As soon as you are done with coaching, you should be set to attract positive results and achieve your objectives.

As an Individual

Develops Your Self-Awareness
It enables you to understand yourself, your strengths, weakness, and behavior.

Improves Performance
Coaching gets you on the right path to success by helping you attain targets and goals.

Encourages Personal Development
Coaching increases your openness to new ideas, enabling you to better yourself every single day.

Enhances Better Problem Solving
It helps you identify and handle challenges early enough before they grow into complicated issues.

Creates a Sense of Responsibility
Coaching improves your sense of ownership and helps you see goals and objectives clearly.

As an Organization

Source of Motivation
It motivates and inspires teams to work towards meeting organizational goals.

Boosts Productivity
Since everybody is motivated to work hard, this helps boost performance and productivity.

Improves Organizational Relationships
Coaching promotes teamwork in an organization, which helps boost relationships. Workmates that engage and relate well are able to contribute positively to the success of the company.

Facilitates New Culture
As a leader, you are able to introduce a new culture in your organization for the best possible results.

Why is Arthur Carmazzi Unique?

Unlike other professional coaches out there, Arthur Carmazzi goes out of his way to offer something more than just simple mentoring and strategy. He understands that the mind is the key to all the success you might want to achieve. This the main reason why he focuses on helping you develop and implement the right mindset to attract massive results and become successful. Using his incredible methodologies, Arthur Carmazzi will enable you to develop a good perspective of yourself and those around you so that you are able to bring all resources available together and use them in both your life and organization to attract positive results.

Methodologies Used

Directive Communication Psychology
Since individuals affect each other in personal and work environments or cultures, the Directive Communication Psychology coaching program by Arthur Carmazzi aims to analyze and optimize how people interact in an organization. It helps bring out positive enthusiasm and energy, allowing individuals to take action for themselves and those around them. It triggers a person’s mental, physical, and emotional aspects, leading to significant improvement in their quality of life, even while out of work.

The Leadership Identity Model as Per the Directive Communication Psychology

The main idea of the Leadership Identity Model is to make the leadership coaching process as easy as possible. If your leadership development training is not working, you are possibly using techniques that are not in harmony with individual values, talents, and skills.

The Leadership Identity Model allows you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and the obstacles you are facing to achieve success, allowing you to come up with a strategy that works best for you and your organization.

Components of the Leadership Identity Model

The Leadership Identity Model looks at four main areas, which include:

Personal Awareness
Before creating your ideal leadership model, you must understand what keeps you motivated. Knowing why you want to do something allows you to cultivate the right leadership model for you and your team.

Personal Character Assessment
This part allows you to understand your personal LEADERSHIP IDENTITY and its effect on your overall success as a leader and high performance team developer

Effects on Organization
What you do on a daily basis affects your organization in one way or another. The leadership model you decide to go with should be in line with the organizational culture and should help create loyalty, trust, commitment, and success.

Psychology of Motivation and Inspiration
Developing members of your team to become great leaders before they feel discouraged is a critical part of good leadership. This area helps you inspire and motivate new leaders to achieve great things.

Great leaders are the ones that develop leadership in others. They help their teammates to reach their full potential by upgrading their innovative and problem solving skills. Arthur Carmazzi has mastered the art of leadership and he provides systematic guidelines on how to coach and give feedback to the members of your team to find their leadership identity.

Tools that Guarantee Results

To coach leaders, Arthur Carmazzi implements different tools and techniques that have helped develop and nurture many leaders. They tools include:

Colored Brain

The Colored Brain is a coaching program geared towards helping you cope with your day-to-day challenges. It assists you to understand how the brain works, enabling you to maximize on your potential and capacity in many disciplines. Furthermore, this coaching technique assists you to understand others at a deeper level for great cooperation and harmony. This goes further to help you deal with issues more intelligently and make better decisions to attract positive results.

EDMA for Closing Perception Gaps

Assessing Perception Gaps is the first step to understanding the differences between how you see yourself and how other people perceive you. Leaders usually have the right attitudes and leadership concepts but are unaware they are using the wrong strategies to apply them. After taking the emotional drive 360 assessment, you have the insights to make behavioral changes, which will allow you to see instant results as you close perception gaps. Over time, leaders continually get real-time feedback to analyze behavior and measure gap closer while observing changes in performance.
EDMA is a real time hands on coaching approach that will help you develop team members with high potential, allow you to gain more effectiveness at work, and offer you the opportunity to identify root causes behind poor performance at your workplace and how to turn this around. This is done with key focus on eight emotional drivers.
Do other people view you as you view yourself? EDMA supports coaching by bridging the Perception Gap, allowing you to become a better leader and manager.


Squadli Performance Measurement

Arthur Carmazzi’s Squadli Performance Measurement is a fun and easy to use performance and appraisal mobile app. It is designed to track team performance while motivating teams and departments to work harder to achieve organizational goals.
Squadli in the Coaching process allows you to:

    • See when you are performing and when you are falling short of your own objectives
    • Apply gamified measurement in your work or teams
    • Record your team’s performance
    • Motivate and inspire your team
    • Create a competitive environment with gamified performance team ranking
    • Get immediate feedback to improve your leadership strategies

Corporate Culture Evolution and Evaluation

This tool helps identify and assess different cultural evolution levels that your organization is already at and how they can be upgraded to bring higher levels of efficiency, engagement, and proper action towards reaching organizational objectives.

Corporate culture evaluation will help identify the culture that dominates your organization and provides you with insights on the areas you are most involved in, offering you with a chance to know what is working and what is not.
Arthur Carmazzi’s coaching is dedicated to helping you improve your organizational culture, to make your company a better place to work.

Get Started Now

Leadership coaching by Arthur Carmazzi will save you a lot of trial and error and enable you to come up with the right success formula for yourself and those you work within the shortest time possible. His leadership coaching will help you get lasting results in those areas that matter to you most – personal development, business, finances, health, or relationships.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to take action and stay committed even in times of uncertainty? Would you like to know how to reach your peak performance and start accomplishing your objectives? Get started with Arthur Carmazzi leadership coaching today and become that top achiever you have always wanted.