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Transform your corporate culture with Directive Communication Psychology and have fun in the process. The Simplest, Most Powerful book on Leading Corporate Culture Change you will ever find!


Successful Change Leadership affects the psychology of a group to improve cooperation and performance. A leader nurtures a superior Organizational Culture by understanding the systematic process of this psychology and how it’s affecting Leaders, Peers and Subordinates to act and react to each other.

Your current corporate culture is being affected and reinforced by these simple psychological factors, that once understood, can change employee passion and dedication forever! “Lessons from the Monkey King – Leading Change to Create GORILLA-SIZED RESULTS”, makes this EASY to understand and deals with the very real dynamics of how an organizational culture affects an individual and their personal effectiveness.

The Simplest, Most Powerful book on Leading Corporate Culture Change you will ever find!

What you will get from this Book:

  • The step by step action plan to create positive change in your environment by that will show immediate results in the people at work
  • The strategies to make a difference in your corporate culture and the loyalty associated with it
  • A simple and FUN ready that will make you laugh and learn
  • The ability to find the “Key Influencers” in your company and how to enroll them as change catalysts
  • Learn how to apply the 5 Pillars of Transformation to your teams to great chain reaction change
  • Discover the things you have been doing wrong as a leaders an how to improve
  • The Change Leadership strategies the will visible show change in less than 2 weeks (taken from our case study with the Culture change program for the Emirates Group)