to share strategies, offer advice and reveal what’s working (and what’s
not working) in their People Development businesses a few times each year.

between all of us that increases the level of success and lifestyle
of every person involved.

who intimately understand the struggles, challenges and joys of building
a lasting enterprise, and one where no brother (or sister) is ever left behind.

between all of us that increases the level of success and lifestyle
of every person involved.

We are Arthur Carmazzi and John Mattone and it is a pleasure to meet you.

In case you are not familiar… I personally am currently ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Thought Leaders in the Leadership Category and founder of the Directive Communication Psychology used by many of the Fortune Global 1000 organizations to enhance people effectiveness and engagement. My partner John Mattone is also one of the World’s top ranked leadership authorities and one of the world’s most in-demand CEO coaches..…

But here, we are speaking to you as head of a secret group.

It is called the Market Domination Network…

and some of the other people in this secret network are Moustafa Hamwi, he has achieved more in one year in the speaking and training industry that we have seen others achieve in 20 years, including writing a book with Brian Tracy and being on the same stage with Top 10 global speakers from 3 continents.
The Managing Director of Right Selection, the Middle East’s #1 Speaker’ Bureau, Gautam Ganglani Gautam exclusively represents and works with 10 of the world’s Top Speakers and represents 40 other promising global names.

Ray Phoon in Kuala Lumpur, the DC Certified CEO of Power Up Success who has built a $2M per year Sales Training and Consultancy company from nothing and now has global contracts that span 5 countries.

Plus regular surprise guests like New York Times Best Selling Authors, Top Digital Marketers, Global Training Company CEOs… and more

This Group is not for everyone, and candidly, not everyone who applies is accepted.

But if you do manage to get in, you’ll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in People Development Industry your friends. And if you understand that success in life is less about what you know or even WHO you know…and more about WHO KNOWS YOU…

…then you’ll like what you’re about to see.

Out of the thousands of requests we receive each year, only a handful are accepted. You see, the Market Domination Network is made up of only 20 businesses in the Training, Coaching, Speaking, Consulting, Education, and People and HR Development industries.

That’s it. 20.

A small number when you consider there are millions of people who work in these industries and most of them struggle to break through and make it to the next level. But few of them will ever even see this page. We never advertise this group to the public, so the fact that you’re here means that someone considers you a Hero. A hero in how you look at things and how you have managed and developed your business.

So if you are here, you were likely referred by an active member or someone on our Advisory Board. Either way, we’re glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll continue reading.

More importantly, we hope you’ll apply to join our ranks…

Membership in Market Domination Network is “by invitation only,” and it is only offered a few times each year. On average, we receive hundreds of requests to join, but applications are made available to relatively few, and even fewer of those applications are accepted.

So with that in mind, here are some things to consider before you apply:

Market Domination Network has a strict no jerk policy.If you are negative or whiny or bitchy, we don’t want you! Life is too short to deal with small minded negativity while building empires. We enjoy the finer things in life, come to my Bali Resort or other exotic locations. But at the end of the day this is a business group, and if you take more than you give, you will be asked to leave.

  1. Owners and top-level executives of established “People Development” businesses as well as founders of funded startups are invited to join. If your business is still in “idea mode” or you are a vendor to this industry wanting to sell you stuff, please do not apply. 
  2. There’s almost NO challenge in your business that your Market Domination Network members can’t solve(and usually in just a few minutes), but you won’t get maximum value unless you’re willing to be totally transparent. In other words, pride and posturing has no place in The Market Domination Network. 
  3. The Market Domination Network will show you what VIP really means.Successful people do successful things. We stay at great hotels (including mine J), we dine at the finest restaurants and we indulge. The Market Domination Network will give you a chance to really TASTE success, and learn how to live a happier, success filled life, but if you’re the kind of person who never picks up a tab, then this probably isn’t the right group for you. 
  4. Partnerships and JV’s can grow businesses in an instant. One connection could easily be the missing link between you and mindboggling success.

What if Wozniak never met Jobs? Would there be an Apple today? Who will you meet this year? What partnerships will you form what will you create?

That’s why, to be in The Market Domination Network, you need to keep an open mind. Your next multi-million dollar business development deal could be sitting across the table from you, but you’ll never know unless you ask good questions and forge real relationships.

If you’re still reading this letter then it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in joining our group, so let’s talk about what it’s like to be in The Market Domination Network…


The “gatherings” are the core benefit of your Market Domination Network membership.

John and I, and our surprise guests will meet 4 times per year (once per quarter) and I will have 2 additional personal sessions at my resort in Bali. John, will have 1 additional personal session at a Disney resort, near his home in Orlando.

We meet 4 times per year (once per quarter) and I will have 2 additional personal sessions at my resort in Bali. While you are not required or even expected to attend every meeting, we do ask that you attend at least 3 during your 12 month membership.

At these meetings you’ll get focused strategy time to actually work ON your People Development business instead of working IN your business, distraction FREE. Think about how much you can accomplish in a two-day meeting, free from employees and interruptions!
Focused on Results… Market Domination Network members are the “real people” who are in the trenches running multi-¬million dollar businesses every single day. You don’t get that way by dilly dallying, this group is about Results

Every Market Domination Network member is REQUIRED to share their victories as well as their embarrassing failures in great detail. You have to be willing to share. If this bothers you, please don’t apply.
More importantly, if you aren’t willing to EXECUTE on the amazing ideas you hear, then again, please don’t apply.

One great idea executed is worth 1000 ordinary ones. Executing on a single strategy from Market Domination Network can return your entire year’s investment in a moment, and to hear most members tell it, this happened dozens of times during EVERY single meeting.

The opportunities are right in front of you for the taking, so you and your staff can carbon copy the success of your peers, and achieve much higher levels of success.

But don’t worry… The Market Domination Network isn’t all work. We also know how to have fun, and since many of us are into Gamification, even work becomes fun… as you’ll soon see…

Quarterly Meetings (Value – $20000)
We meet 4 times per year! At these meetings you’ll get focused strategy time to actually work ON your business instead of working IN your business, distraction FREE. Think about how much you can accomplish in a wo-day meeting, free from employees and interruptions!

Access to our Digital Marketing and Brand building Libraries and DC Business building courses (Value – $14000)
We have amassed much of our success through digital marketing and to do this we have seeked out the experts like Ryan Deiss, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern and more, and subscribed to their courses, and coaching… this has cost us thousands of dollars but has made us millions. Plus we have worked with a number of small businesses and transformed their success and recorded the processes for our exclusive online business development processes.

Five Emergency One-On-One Calls (Value – $5000)
I only work with a few people for one to one coaching and it’s expensive, but I do carve out time for Market Domination Network members when they really need to talk to me or one of experts. So as a member, you’ll be allowed to schedule up to five (5) 1 hour calls with a me or the marketing or tech guys when you need them

Market Domination Network Private Message Board (Value – $10,000)
This is a member favourite, because this is where you can get damn near any question answered almost immediately by a Market Domination Network officer, adviser or a fellow member. This level of access is so prized, that we’ve received offers of $10,000 just for access to this online group.

Global Domination Expeditions (Value – Priceless)
Bali, USA, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, China, Australia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore… let’s just say we do business in A LOT of places around the globe. And as a Market Domination Network member, you will be invited to join us on these trips so you can learn first-hand about new opportunities and participate in our Showcase Event where we . (NOTE: These tours aren’t all work…there’s plenty of time for sightseeing, fantastic food and exciting adventures, too!)

Early Access & Insights (Value – Priceless)
At DCI, we’re known for figuring out new, and innovative strategies and technology in people development before most. Some of these strategies we discuss publicly, but our best research related to how we market, what new gamification concepts work better in what discipline, how to infiltrate and land big tenders for multi-national companies. The only exception we make is the Market Domination Network. As a Market Domination Network member, you’ll see it all. Better yet, you’ll see it before anyone else sees it, giving you a MASSIVE advantage over your competition.

Intimate connection to otherwise inaccessible players (Value – Priceless)
If you asked me to name my single most valuable business asset, it wouldn’t be a website,
or product, or email list. It wouldn’t be a patent, trademark or copyright. All those things are great, but my single most valuable business asset… the one that’s made me the most money and the one that would be the most impossible to replace, is my relationships. As a Market Domination Network, you’ll tap into this same network. You’ll become friends with some of the wealthiest, most powerful active business minds in the people development industry today, and you’ll have access like you’ve never had before

Member Services Concierge (Value – Priceless)
Need information on a specific topic?

Need a vendor referral or help tracking someone down?
Or maybe you’d just like help with some tech stuff, or you’d like to have someone review a joint venture proposal or business deal before you sign on the dotted line?
Whatever your need, we’re here to help.

– Event help and contract negotiation (we have a full event team on staff,
and while they can’t manage your event for free, they can give you location tips and help negotiate better contracts than you would get if you went on your own.)

– Online marketing and campaign review. What systems are you using and are they integrating efficiently? Are you spending too much on online advertising or are you not spending enough? Are your campaigns optimized for profit?

– Deal review (We aren’t attorneys, but we have done a lot of business deals and we can point out potential pitfalls and opportunities that an attorney might miss.)

– Discounted digital marketing and automation services (We spend a fortune on email and funnel automation services every month, so we’re happy to let Market Domination Network members “piggy back” on our volume to lower their monthly costs…)

– Competitive intelligence tools (We spend a bundle every month on intelligences tools such as,,, and Who’s Mailing What, and while we can’t give you access to our account, we’d be happy to pull a report for you from time to time…)

– Video studio in Bali (Use our own production studio in at Avalon in Bali, Indonesia. While it’s not available for the public, we will allow Market Domination Network members to use the facilities at cost.)

NOTE: Used wisely, this one member benefit can easily pay for entire Market Domination Network membership.

Accountability (Value – Priceless)
The group will hold you to your word. If you commit to a plan at one meeting,
you will be held accountable to that plan at the next. And heaven help you if fail to do what you said you would do. Market Domination Network members are brutally honest (as real friends are) and they can smell B.S. a mile away. Just know, however, that they always have your best interest at heart.

Golden Ticket (Value – $10,000+)
As a Market Domination Network member, you get free VIP access to Premium events from Both of us. This means free access to the DC Psychology Trainer Certification in India, Bali, Dubai or Malaysia ($4280), Experts MBA ($980), DC Psychology Practitioner Certification ($980), The Hero’s Way ($1280)

and to John’s Intelligent Leadership (IL) Virtual Coaching Program ($2,500), which combines his powerful proprietary assessments, tools, videos, development resources and 4 private coaching sessions. This Program is guaranteed to unleash your full potential as an achiever and leader. The retail value of these events and trainings are worth at least $10,000,
and more than likely you wouldn’t be reading this letter if you weren’t already making those investments

Exclusive Member Profit Opportunities
With your membership, you will automatically be enrolled as an exclusive partner of DCI and John Mattone-Global and have access to our NEW Performance Apps! you will be granted a 50/50 profit split with John on his revolutionary new Intelligent Leadership Virtual Coach App, and the same for DCI’s “Squadli” Team Performance and Appraisal App. You will be able to offer your clients, prospects and your entire community with one of the best leadership development apps that exist in the market today and a Fun easy way to motivate your team and keep a visual record of how they perform in relation to objectives. Here’s the good news. The apps are completely free to download! Each have multiple levels of profit potential and approximately 47% of those who download this app, will make a buy decision that can range from $20 to $650. Which means passive revenue for you.

The best news? Your entire membership fee could easily be paid for by your network! With 3000 people from your list buying an average of $40 within the Apps.

You’ll finally have a HOME…literally. Anytime you’re in Bali, be sure to stop by Avalon Resort Ubud (The DCI headquarters) to meet the team or just enjoy the resort facilities… and see how we run our business. …and if you stay the night, you get special 40% off members privileges. Plus our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Pune, India also welcome you. This is truly unprecedented access.

All information shared through the Market Domination Network is strictly confidential and intended for member use only. Sharing confidential information (other than with your staff for use inside your own business) is strictly prohibited. Any member who shares confidential meeting information or details about a fellow member’s business will be terminated and their dues WILL NOT be refunded.

You may bring ONE (and only ONE) guest to the meeting with you, assuming that person is a business partner in your core business and/or a spouse. NO EMPLOYEES or non-partner guests are allowed without prior approval. If you or your partner can’t attend, sorry, but you cannot send an employee in your place. This group is designed for top-level executives and business owners ONLY!

Business partnerships between members is encouraged, but duplication of other members’ complete business models without permission will result in your membership being terminated. We’re very serious about this. The group does not take kindly to theft (which is what this is), and we will do what we have to do to protect our members and the sanctity of this group.

Membership decisions are made by the officers and advisers on a case-by-case basis based on four major criteria:
• What you are able and willing to contribute to the group…
• Your type of business and your probability to ROI the investment…
• Your overall personality match to the existing group…
• Recommendations of other Market Domination Network members.
If selected, annual dues are $12,000, 2 payments of $6,200 or 5 payments of $2,520  

This investment is non-negotiable (with the payment option you will likely get a minimum of 3 times more business per month that you would pay). And frankly, if it seems expensive or out of reach, that’s probably a good sign that you’re not a good fit for this group… or at least not ready… to be able to really benefit, you need to be confident that you can achieve greatness with the right connections, tools and systems.

That may sound harsh, but think about it…
If you have an active business, you waste way more than that on dumb employees you don’t need and mistakes that go unfixed. And that’s just the stuff you know about! Throw in the opportunity cost and growth potential, and the dues become a total no-brainer.
Face it: You don’t need more idealistic theories. You need proven actionable systems and proven experience to grow your business.

You can develop these yourself, but what will it cost you in valuable time, lost opportunity and lost profits. That’s an expensive learning curve… right?

So now I have a question for you…


If you’re reading this page and the APPLY NOW button is still active, then we are in our open enrollment period, but time is short and we can’t hold places while you dilly–dally. Plus, our first meeting is in April, so we need to move move move, get things done and make things happen.
No hard feelings if you can’t join us right now, but if you’re on the fence I highly recommend you apply and see what happens. Even if you don’t get in, at least we’ll know who you are and a little more about your business, and I promise we’ll do what we can to help you out and point you in the right direction.
The way we see it, it’s the least we can do if someone has the patience to read this far and the guts to request and fill out the application.
But at the end of the day, there’s only one way to find out…you must fill out and turn in the application.