Customer Service for Technical Professionals
This program uses elements of the “Directive Communication” discipline to transform technical professionals into genuinely caring customer directed individuals.

Because of the nature of brain processing patterns, people in technical fields are often misunderstood and thought of as only data oriented individuals that have little concern for the feelings of others. This misconception is because non technical people literally speak a different brain language and their expression of caring is sometimes not perceive as sincere. When technical professionals try to fake it by going through the motions of customer service theory, it still comes across as just that, fake, and produces medical results at best. This program goes beyond the standard “skills” training and takes the participant through a journey of self discovery. The experiential nature of the course facilitates individuals in accessing the parts of their brain that they use in other areas of life. This helps to develop the mental dexterity to sincerely communicate with customers combining technical expertise with emotional brain language to deliver outstanding service.

  • Technical professionals will gain the ability to effectively communicate at a variety of different mental/emotional levels.
  • Technical professionals will learn to think and act with more mental dexterity for better interaction with non-technical people.
  • Technical professionals will gain the facility to cultivate greater EQ.
  • Participants will be able to serve customers with a genuine sense of concern and be able to instill loyalty to the organization.
  • The skill to redirect attitudes and perceptions will help participants to enjoy their work more and create a better interpersonal relationships with colleagues and customers.
  • Participants will also be able to apply the “Directive Communication” strategies in their personal life to create more balance and better work performance.

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