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  • DC Leadership Training and Organizational Development address the psychology of a good leader and the ability to inspire Change. But, Leadership Training, is only one part of a complete Leadership Development Plan... as Arthur Carmazzi always says about leadership training, "Leadership is not a skill, it is a journey of self discovery and practice". Aside from traditional leadership skills, DC Leadership Development Training instill leaders with the ability to influence their working environment and affect culture providing elements of "Environmental Leadership" in each module. DCI also believes there is NO Best leadership model, so, we help leaders to develop their OWN IDEAL LEADERSHIP IDENTITY from the experience, values and characteristics they already poses somewhere in their life, then take them through a process to refine and apply it. Another Arthur Carmazzi Quote: "Those leaders who have achieved the greatest deeds, have not only inspired people to their peak, but have cultivated an environment where their people would flourish and inspire others in their own Leadership Development". With a persons own Ideal Leadership Identity and the power of the psychology of environment, they will have the ability to nurture an environment that supports leadership at all levels.