Seminar for Ethics Commissioners (25–27 September )

Ethics and corporate culture of civil service: the experience of developed countries. OECD standards. Improving the ethics of civil servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan: modern cases.

Budgeting and financial administering: leading countries experience. (9–11 October)

Financial planning in public sector. 10 principles for public funds management. Financial planning models and structure. Planned policy, mid-term planning and budgeting models.

Innovations in city management. SMART-CITY projects implementation. (16–18 October)

The concept, models and principles of smart-city creation. The problems of urban economy intellectual management. Integrated transport operation management. City security system.

Financial modeling of investment projects with state participation: practical aspects. (30 October – 3 November )

What is an investment project? Life cycle of investment projects with state participation. Analysis of project’s investment attractiveness. The main investment mechanisms in Russia and Kazakhstan including the mechanism of public-private partnership (PPP). The principles of state participation in investment projects realization.

Risk-management in projects and programs development and implementation (13–15 November)

The notion of project risk. The scheme of risks management from the perspective of certainty. Risk probability and risk cost. Occurrence estimated probability and risks impact.

Seminar for press-secretaries (27–29 November)

Understanding media. How media works. Organization functioning and its expectations. How to guarantee successful interview with media through its understanding. Preparation for the interview and the real interview.