High Performance Engagement through Work Gamification

This program is designed to gamify work and come up with more ways to have fun while getting things done and increasing employee engagement


Hands on Creation of Work Performance Gamification

According to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace Study of the World Study only 13% of the global workforce in engaged. An engagement study by TinyPuls revealed that Team Play and Collaboration Rank as the Top Factors People Love about their Jobs.

So we Know Work Should be fun to achieve Engagement, but there is a lot of misconception about Work Gamification and what it actually is…


“Systematic facilitation of helping team members combine measurement, motivational psychology, and basic fun, with existing or improved Work Processes or Activities with an objective of fostering desired behaviors and results”.

What Work Gamification it’s NOT:

  • Its not apps or computer game simulations
  • Its not game trainer play in training (although there is a game to help Gamify Work)
  • Its not programs that get people together on apps to answer questions
  • Its not Teambuilding games

Creating a fun work environment with focused organizational objectives is the key to passionate execution and on-time goal achievement. And Work Gamification is the new proven process to achieve these high-performance results.

This workshop is designed for participants to identify behavior and motivation goals that are tied to achieving tangible results. Participants going to this program will not only learn how small modifications in a work process can improve real-time excitement and engagement on team, department or company objectives but by the end of the program will complete a step-by-step process to gamify work objectives and desired behaviors.

The 2nd day of this workshop is spent playing the World of Performancia game that takes them through the gamification process and leads them to create a performance-focused, systemized and implementable approach to fun at work.



  • What is Gamification?
  • The psychology of engagement
  • The Motivating factors that make work fun
  • Activities that support Productive Motivation
  • Redefining Performance Measurement to be Fun and Motivating
  • Using Gamification to solve problems and manage performance


Playing The Performanceia Game

Participants will team up and go through the World of Performencia (a land that systematically leads them to create a work relevant performance focused game) With passports in hand, participant teams start by defining goals and refine objectives and problems to solve gamification problem on this life size map.

Next participants identify the behaviors required to achieve the desired goals. Immediately after participants must determine what emotional motivators support the behaviors to achieve the goals. In order to make the gamified outcome more fun, participants then create a theme to make the process more fun.

Themes are presented then participants clues are applied from previous learning to develop the game structures, rewards, achievements, requirements and define clearly how to incorporate it into their work environment.

Once the structure is in place, the participants identify the potential partners, ie. Other departments, vendors, or customers… to support larger achievements.
And finally, feedback systems to maintain consistent motivation and learning to the stakeholders.

At the end of the game, the participants will have a structure outlines with stickers, outline and detail explanation of the objectives, the behavior required to achieve the motivation to support the behavior and the detail instruction of how to achieve these motivations in a objective focus gamification process.




  • Why we should gamify work
  • Apply engagement psychology to work gamification
  • Understand the motivating factors that make work fun
  • Understand the Brain’s genetic Clarity getting processes and how they are currently affecting people actions
  • How Attitudes and competencies can be gamified
  • Learn and apply creative problem solving to identify gamification opportunities
  • Learn and apply Gamification structure
  • Improve productivity, learning and engagement through gamification.
  • Enhance organizational culture
  • Create a consistent system of performance measurement that is fun and provides a platform for training and policy ROI assessment
  • Develop leadership across all positions