There is a lot of misconseption about Work Gamification and Technology and what it actually is, and how Technology plays a roll…

What Work Gamification it’s NOT:

  • Its not apps or computer game simulations
  • Its not game trainer play in training (although there is a game to help Gamify Work)
  • Its not programs that get people together on apps to answer questions
  • Its not Teambuilding games


What it IS… is the “Systematic facilitation of helping team members combine measurement, motivational psychology, and basic fun, with existing or improved Work Processes or Activities with an objective of fostering desired behaviors and results”.

Demystifying the emotional foundations of fun… and how and why we can enjoy work more, achieve more, and be more passionate at work though work gamification and how work gamification helps engagement. When performance measurement, technology, and human connection and understanding come together, organizational culture is drastically affected… and when this is all systematized with work goals… performance skyrockets. This session is not just a learning journey, participants of this result focused workshop will have created a fully gamified work process system by the end of the program. This participant created gamified work process will support one or more departments to achieve goals defined by participants and be ready for implementation as soon as they get back to their organizations… The entire work gamification process creation is designed from desired culture elements and values to speedily motivate their implementation in the organization’s culture and get fast visible results in engagement and performance.


Gamified Performance Measurement

The question is similar to why billions of people check how many likes, comments and shares on Facebook or why its hard to stop playing Angry Birds once you have done the first 3 challenges. The measurement elements of Facebook and games become addictive… we need to see what’s next, or how we are doing, or how popular we are. We compare against others and ourselves. We are motivated to go to the next level and be creative to achieve better results. We feel the power of being able to express ourselves and support others in the process, we feel connected when others achieve and feel good when we celebrate with them. We find more energy when interacting, competing, or engaging with others than we do alone…

So how is performance improved? Participants are taken through a greater understanding of the psychology of motivation and how gamification is applied to create an addictive performance focused culture at work. Then participants play the “Performencia” game that leads them through the 8 steps of work gamification to create a tangible and implementable gamified work process that not only improves performance according to the set objectives, but measures it daily.


How Much is Too Much in Work Gamification

Too much technology is as counterproductive as not enough. To impact organizational culture to be engaged, passionate and more competent, we must create the right mix of human interaction and technology to support the emotional base for getting results.

Complacency, blame, people who wait to be told what to do, low cooperation across departments, and people who do the bare minimum are common problems in organizations.  The science behind our Work Gamification system has proven to eliminate most of these issues in companies like Emirates, DELL, Technip, QatarGas, OSRAM, Citibank and more. So what is the organizational Impact? Your people creating the right mix of personal connection and technology to nurture proactive employees who support a culture of cooperation and problem solving while having personal gratification and fun in the process.


We took the average productivity of 100 people across different organizational cultures. The mean being 100 people did the work of 100 people in the “Average Culture”, while 100 people did the work of only 68 people in a poor culture and, 100 people did the work of 151 people in a great culture.
People are more productive when they are excited, when they see their progress, and when the feel they are contributing. When we have passion and interest, we are more competent and have more focus on results.

So what is the personal impact? More competent, happier, and more fulfilled people who have a mission.



In the age of instant, where emotional gratification is as far away as your mobile phone, and leadership requires more focus on developing Organizational Culture… Gamification is the New Performance Measurement and Management!
Emotional gratification is the key for culture alignment, employee engagement, innovation, and proactive leadership (at any level). Systematization is the key to sustain ability and managing expectations… and regular and consistent Measurement is the feedback hub to motivate improvement and higher achievement. Add fun to this mix and you get Work Gamification!


  • The science of motivation
  • How games affect motivations and competency development
  • How technology can work for or against us in developing culture
  • How connecting fun to measurement and results creates gamified systems and more competency
  • How systematized fun improves innovation
  • How cooperation, leadership and other intangibles can become tangible though gamification
  • How to use technology and gamification to improve people related problems
  • RESULT: Create a customized gamified work process to support custom objectives