If you want to add that extra value to your team we have super yummy surprise for you! It is called Event Bites.

Engage your team with super cool experiential Leadership, Communication, and Teambuilding Mini programs. Which can effectively achieve a development outcome in as little as one hour, or up to four hours. Spice up your EVENT and give your staff better insights on how to be super heroes.



Profit Mind Set: Improving the profitability of the business.


Innovation:  Learning to act and implement with limited resources and find new ways to do big things.


Branding: Improving the branding of the business and setting a plan for its growth.


Effective communication: Ability to improve clarity, trust and vision come as by products from various games


Motivation: They must motivate and gather the support of the staff to put the plans into action while maintaining sta1. Standard business activities and this requires having the right vision for the right audience to inspire them to action, “force multiplication” – getting the key influencers on their side to influence the masses.


Team building: Improving interpersonal relations


Agility: Encountering obstacles and reshaping plans to  overcome them and  make sure they get implemented.


Influence: Experience the application of influential psychology

Directive Communication gives you learned skills of Colored Brain processing and how that affects communication and clarity for high performance at you working space. It is fun and after that you will have better insight in how your colleagues think and why.


Event bites can last from 45 minutes to maximum 4 hours. The goal is to entertain and educate you and all that in a heart beat.


Team profiling [4 hours]

Management Team Members will be given a set of Colored Brain Communication cards which they will use to play a simple game of choosing 5 cards to one or two questions, to the trained individual this will yield an abundant amount of information identifying how they interpret the world around them and their own communication process and how that person will emotionally affect and be affected by others. They will then be required to apply this learning to recruit and interview multiple individuals to put together the best a project team with limited time and resources.

The Management Teams will choose and coach (with their experience and their new found Change Leadership knowledge) these teams to succeed according 3 challenges related to the dealing with Change each will group will face.
During USD200 will be given by the trainer to the best recruited team based on their ability to synergies and complement each other to succeed in the challenges. The Management Teams will then be assessed on accuracy and depth of profiling, their ability to coach and lead their team through uncomfortable change and the success results their team had in the challenges.


• The entire program is will be video recorded for each team. The camera crew also includes an editor working full-time to edit and combine the recordings into a single production which will be shown at the end of the program so that each team will learn from the other teams.

• To enhance the learning process, teams will be guided to understand the psychology of obtaining quick but accurate results during the daily feedback and briefing sessions. There will also be an informal coaching session.

Emotional Drivers Challenge [1 hour]

A highly interactive project that helps identify the emotional reasons why team have conflict and how to observe and overcome them.

After a short brief about emotional drive and need sucking, participants in groups of 6 will use special emotional drivers cards to  identify their primary emotional motivations and how they fill them in positive and negative ways.

After sharing briefly, they will proceed to use these cards to build a cart that they will race against the other teams.

This process of team dynamics and how and why people are doing what they are doing in a team is observed and reported back to give all team members a greater understanding of makes winning teams and team members.

Coconuts [3 hours]

In this challenge participants will be briefed on the power of brand expansion and leverage, each team will be given 10 coconuts and some hand tools. The objective is to create a package that includes an innovative coconut item with other value propositions like service or other items. The packages must be sold to a specific pre-studied target market and they must make a profit using only the resources given. Each team will report finding and profits at debrief and the projects will each be reviewed to identify additional learnings I leadership, branding, marketing and product development.

This challenge will take the morning from 8am till lunch 

Consolidated TEAM Colors [2 or 4 hours]

Learn colored brain communication and teamwork in a highly interactive set of games set around the CBCI assessment to identify your genetic brain processing and how that affects perception, communication, cooperation and leveraging on strengths to great Super Teams

This Event Bite can support large groups and can be done within 2 hours or 4 hours

Better Cents [2 or 4 hours]

Each team of 4 will be instructed in the difference between argument and negotiation and given a single coin valued at USD15 cents that they must trade for something of higher value and continue the process until the 3 hour time limit is up. Participants will then compare the results of their barter, argument and negotiation skills. The group with the highest value of items wins. Debrief will look at winning strategies to achieve results

Personal concierge service [2 or 4 hours]

Teams will be instructed on Emotional Drive and Motivation, then sent out to offer their service for sale as a personal concierge. Teams must decide how to best maximize profit either as individuals or as a group. Team members are required to assess the emotional needs of their personal guests. The challenge will be evaluated based on the accuracy of interpretation, profit and the concierge service evaluation from their guest on the level of exceeding expectations. This takes 3 hours.

Includes a filming option as well.