Coaching and mentoring has always been an effective performance management tool that assists leaders to develop their staff to achieve their potential. Recently, Coaching & Mentoring have taken on additional significance as a talent development and knowledge retention tool. An effective coaching and mentoring program will ensure the continued success of the organization. For managers and leaders, effective coaching and mentoring skills can enhance their team’s performance and morale that will greatly increase success. This Coaching and Mentoring workshop will equip participants to enhance their ability to develop people’s potential, and thereby enable them to fulfill both organizational and personal goals.

Coaching can be a powerful tool to introduce trainees to work. Training can teach new skills, while coaching can refine them. Coaching can be the only way to model some desirable attitudes and will instill in the new or future employees the passion of working in oil and Gas company. This program addresses the models of coaching especially those suitable for novice and young generation of employees.


  • Describe the stages in the learning process
  • Identify the barriers to successful training
  • Give effective feedback
  • Choose appropriate training/ coaching methods
  • Use appropriate assessment methods
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy
  • Maintain appropriate records
  • Use appropriate coaching techniques

What Behavioural Competencies it covers: