1. You Want Professional Trainers

You Want Professional Trainers

Every DC Training Partner and Senior Training Partner has undergone over 3 months of Training to ensure the delivery of your objectives gets the results you desire. Each Training Partner has been certified by Directive Communication International and has an Accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology . Each caries an official certification ID card depicting their level of achievement as a DC Training Partner or Certified Trainer.

3. You Want Meaningful, Real-World Content

You Want Professional Trainers

DC content is simple, practical and easy to use and remember. Our Trainers/Speakers use DC training tools to elicit the audience internalization of DC based programs. It is very common for audience members to take home and consistently use our DC tools and ideas long after the program is over.

5. You Want Your Audience to Get Real “Take-Home” Value

You Want Professional Trainers

Your people need something they can take home. DC content is simple, practical, and easy to remember and use. Not only will your audience members learn a lot, they will have a great time. DC delivery is fun and VERY active. Your audience will learn through experience so take home become a part of who they are, not just new knowledge.

7. You Want Someone Who is Easy to Work With

You Want Professional Trainers

our Training Partners walk their talk when it comes to practicing DC. they have a Large “Circle of Tolerance” and remain proactively helpful and cooperative even if something goes wrong. Many have even solved some of our clients sudden emergencies through their calmness and experience.

9. You Want a Trainer/Speaker Committed To Your Objectives

You Want Professional Trainers

DC Training Partners maintain their standard by working with and achieving our clients objectives. Our top priority for your audiences is to give them Personal Value that also achieve your results.

11. You Want Someone You Trust

You Want Professional Trainers

DC’s extensive and prestigious client list and testimonials show our experience in training / speaking in nearly every industry. If you need a reference, a detailed client list organized by industry , and/or sample testimonials , even celebrity Endorsements , check our website.

13. You Want Credibility and Up Sell Opportunities

You Want Professional Trainers

DC was developed by best selling author and renowned speaker, Arthur F. Carmazzi, who offers many product options that can be used as reinforcement, to add credibility and exceptional value to each Training Partners message. DC has also established a track record of Results across many of the worlds top multi-nationals that still use DC throughout their organizations.

15. You Want Choice

You Want Professional Trainers

DC is not just about group productivity and leadership – each DC Training Partner has incorporated their own expertise into the DC framework. Thus expanding DC topics from DC application to 6 Sigma, to DC Project Management, to DC sales and Influence, to Customer Service and Loyalty

2. You Want an Energetic, Entertaining Trainer/Speaker

DC Trainers use DC postures to bring out their energy and deliver a fast-paced, interactive presentation/workshop that combines strong content with a highly entertaining delivery. They not only make an intellectual connection with your audiences, but also an emotional one. DC Training Partners are cultivated in initiating laughter from the audience to make it fun.

4. You Want Instant Rapport with Your Audiences

You Want Professional Trainers

DC Training Partners are DC experts and use their DC knowledge to connect with your people, whether they’re a group of senior executives, mid-level managers, hourly employees or salespeople, DC is the Psychology of group dynamics and our Training Partners Practice what they Preach.

6. You Want 9’s and 10’s on Your Evaluations

You Want Professional Trainers

DC Training Partners get nines and tens on 90% of their evaluations. You should expect the same. No other training organization gets more consistent high marks from the audience than our qualified Training Partners

8. You Want Extra Value

You Want Professional Trainers

Our DC topics and Training Partner Specialties use a variety of DC tools to add extraordinary value:

  • Patent leather bound manuals your participants would be proud to keep at their desk;
  • Colored Brain tools such as: the CBCI, CBC Cards, wallet-sized laminated Colored Question cards;
  • Human Driver tools such as: the HDMA, Motivation Map, Human Drivers Challenge race sets, Needs Wheel
  • Group Dynamics tools such as: Environment Dolls, Values Blocks, Posture Cards
  • Pre-program Questionnaire to tailor the workshop/speech to the audience;
  • brochures and publicity stories for public enrolment programs for our client to use in their promotional efforts for their event;
  • DC 5 point Implementation follow-up.

10. You Want a Custom Tailored Keynote Presentation

You Want Professional Trainers

the Directive Communication Methodology has won its praise because of its flexibility across human related disciplines. DC Training Partners are experienced and willing to spend their time, energy and motivation needed to adapt every workshop or speech for our clients. Also, DCI as well as our Training Partners stay on the cutting edge of DC technology and how it affects your organization. We are constantly improving.

12. You Must Have Reliability

You Want Professional Trainers

If for any reason, the DC trainer you have chosen becomes ill or can not make the designated event, DCI will send (at no additional expense to you), a trainer of equal or higher ranking. On some occasions, Arthur F. Carmazzi, himself has filled in for an event when the “Client” urgently changed the training dates and the Training Partner could not move his other Schedule.

14. Collaborative Marketing

You Want Professional Trainers

In every public enrollment program DC Training Partners are involved in, DCI uses its database resources to Collaboratively Market each program. We see it as our responsibility to help you make the program successful.


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