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What is the DC 360 Training Solution?

Directive Communication (DC) is a training AND organizational development psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi that affects how people act and react to each other in groups and how that affects individual performance and leadership. It is the fundamental science for influencing group dynamics to cultivate performance and cooperative team cultures, and bring out greater individual potential. Applying the DC Psychology as a Core Training Solution that other soft skills draw upon is the essence of how DC-360 works…

DC 360 the learning implementation and innovative cross application of training outcomes using DC Psychology.

By using one core Group Dynamics foundation, It allows you to reinforce your people’s, skills, and implementation of those skills when applied to other areas. With this core learning, applications of DC’s deeper understanding of people and what makes them do what they do, creates a base for all other human related disiplines like: customer service, leadership, project management, time management, sales, problem solving and more… So, everyone, regardless of their area or department, speaks the same language; manager, sales, engineering and customer service people are all on the same page.


  1. All learners take a 3 day interactive and fun core learning program of DC group dynamics psychology. This results in a foundational understanding of each other and provides a common language plus a platform to expand from.
  2. Since learners already have the core understanding, additional APPLICATION training such as leadership skills, will not require repletion of the core elements, but it will reference them in order to apply leadership principles.
    • The result is the core learning is reinforced along with the application, and therefore both core and new learning is implemented faster and easier.
    • Also, since only applications of core knowledge are required, among with some new knowledge additions, the amount of time for an “application” training, is substantially reduced… this results in more time and money savings.


Spend Less Money, Save Time and Get More Roi From Your Corporate Training

  • Do you find that most of the training programs result in low retention because learners are not able to specifically apply learning in multiple practical areas and eventually lose momentum.
  • Do you notice learners stay disconnected from each other, because different training programs supply knowledge that superiors or subordinate may not have, creating frustration and ultimately resulting in low rates of implementation… giving you less ROI on money and time spent.
  • Do you feel that your current training programs do not connect with the bigger organizational objectives and culture.


Training solution

It starts with the framework of self-awareness and an understanding how we affect and affected by our environment.

Training ROI

Helps you to identify Communication process and how to effectively work with and understand others.

Training solution success

Provides Personal Insights to how and why we succeed or fail in working together.

training solution common purpose

Creates a common purpose and unified identity among the staff.