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Leadership Trainer Certification

    Training leaders who have lots of REAL WORLD experience and a high enough position to believe they know more than other people can be a somewhat stressful challenge. …and if you don’t capture their interest in the first 18 minutes, well, you probably will get people leaving your class and not likely get invited back. So, no matter how competent you are, you will Fail if you cannot inspire these leaders to believe that YOU will give them something NEW, something they have never heard before, and something that will support their success. To capture their interest and attention requires the ability to know what they are experiencing on a daily basis. To instantly create a bond that you understand them, without making them feel they are not doing a good job, to emotionally get them to reflect and say to themselves, YES! That’s me! And then to provide the promise that your solutions and processes will save them and help them solve their problems in the easiest, least time consuming way while keeping their egos intact. The DC Leadership Trainer Certification gives you the Power of Awesomeness to capture attention and inspire them with DC psychology and emotional strategies that get them to see how implementing YOUR IDEAS will help them succeed.