Work Process Gamification in the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry is facing a major technical talent shortfall in the exploration and production (E&P) sector that could be just as crippling – if not more so – as the declining availability of accessible oil and gas reserves. Over the last decade, industry volatility forced energy companies to cut their workforce down to bare bones and slash training programs. Now, as the market slowly rebounds, companies are ready to hire again– but the talent isn’t there.

Success Based Training Programs

Business success within the oil and gas industry can hinge on a number of factors including effectively transferring knowledge among its employees, complying with regulations, managing risks with technology, and innovating more efficient methods to get their products and services to market. This is why we incorporate Directive Communication Psychology processes and strategies in to all our training programs. With the psychology of group dynamics and the interactive learning techniques, effective leaders are actively more successful in oil and gas companies. Leadership in the oil and gas sector takes more than pure engineering skills. It also support being a risk manager. Although technical skills are critical, these leaders are expected to deal with economic uncertainty, a diverse workforce, demographic changes, regulatory issues, geopolitical risk and supply excesses/disruptions that drive volatility in oil and gas prices. Management is about getting things done. Managers work in different ways to achieve many diverse and often specific objectives. Theorists have tried to identify the functions and processes that all managers carry out. The oil and gas industry contains many layers of management within many types of organisation

HIgh Performance Engagement Through Work Gamification

This program is designed to gamify work and come up with more ways to have fun while getting things done and increasing employee engagement.

Hands on Creation of work performance gamification

According to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace Study of the World Study only 13% of the global workforce in engaged. An engagement study by TinyPuls revealed that Team Play and Collaboration Rank as the Top Factors People Love about their Jobs.
Creating a fun work environment with focused organizational objectives is the key to passionate execution and on time goal achievement. And Work Gamification is the new proven process to achieve these high-performance results.
This workshop, is designed for participants to identify behavior and motivation goals that are tied to achieving tangible results. Participants going to this program will not only learn how small modifications in a work processes can improve excitement and engagement on team, department or company objectives, but by the end of the program will complete a step by step process to gamify work objectives and desired behaviors.
The 2nd day of this workshop is spent playing the World of Performancia game that takes them through the gamification process and leads them to creating an performance focused, systemized and implementable approach to fun at work.