Using the amazing tools and strategies in DC psychology to start out 2020 with a bang

Using the amazing tools and strategies in DC psychology to start out 2020 with a bang

Day 5 – DC Psychology Trainer Certification Bali, December 2019

First time visiting Avalon Resorts, Ubud! I never expected this amount of beauty and wonderful experiences with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world all coming together to learn and grow in order to gain a competitive advantage for ourselves and  business using the amazing tools and strategies in DC psychology to start out 2020 with a bang!

  • Right from the start I was very excited to have joined DC psychology training and knew it was going to give me the understanding to start helping organizations and its people and it also started to help me first and foremost . I started to have lots of takeaways for my own personal development and growth. The training environment, Arthur Carmazzi, the community and Avalon resort all had the feelings of a warm welcoming of home. I am very fortunate to be joining along with my husband and for both of us to go through the DC psychology training together. We were able to connect and understand each other on so many levels. We can implement the DC Psychology language to communicate with each other with more understanding without blame or conflict. We plan on using the DC Psychology learnings not only in our business that we are now working on together but to use with our kids, friends and relationships in order to grow our community and client list.
  • Understanding the root causes of breakdown communication, leadership and teamwork allows us to increase our circle of tolerance and make positive change in our business and network. Were able to eradicate any unforeseen difficulties in others and now able to communicate to other preferred brain processor that makes it much easier and efficient to get to the goal or objective at hand.
  • Day after day there has been lots of learnings from understanding the Reticular activating system and how it not only effects our work but many of our relationships. The Big AHA moment was that it was also effecting my kids and as parents I realized how we were unknowingly making them feel misunderstood and frustrated.
  • The other root causes of problems that I didn’t know had is now aware to me to improve upon by learning the skills of love and connection and security and control in order to improve the areas in my life that were lagging. Just as I shared during the training that this one moment alone of “SELF REFLECTION” will lead us towards lots of success and growth.  It has been truly an amazing few days and can’t wait to implement all the learnings in my work and life.


Dr. Hanan Selim
DC Psychology Trainee


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