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Product Description

Discover how to tap the subconscious of your subordinates and peers and even superiors with stories containing powerful subliminal messages that are guaranteed to influence behavior. This book contains everything you need to know about why stories work, how to use them, and most importantly, it contains commanding stories that will help you to manage and influence your people in areas of:

  • Gaining a better vision
  • Being more responsible
  • Acting more intelligently
  • Being more motivated
  • Inspiring teamwork

Leslie is a master storyteller! He not only tells them in an entertaining fashion, but also helps in generating a wonderful process in the minds of the listeners.

The stories move listeners to action, not merely because they are engaging, but because each story elicits the greater self of the listener at the subconscious level almost hypnotically. This book, has Leslie’s best stories, in detail. He hasn’t held anything back. You will be able to use them to engage others in such a powerful way, that few will be able to resist. He details out all the stages of the stories such that they have a great impact on managing people at all levels. He provides you with the ability to use your own life experiences to enthrall others and thrust them into higher levels of achievement and passion.

But more than the stories, Leslie shares the technique of how to apply Directive Communication psychology, to literally entrance the people you talk to. It teaches a powerful strategy to influence peers and subordinates at a subconscious level. It coaches the best practices and techniques that

The content of the book gives you the actual tools that can help you become a more powerful leader or manager in your field of work. This is not just a book; it is a tool kit to transform your leadership ability!

The E-Book Version of the Ultimate Psychological Tool for Leaders & Managers!