Train the Trainer Video 4 – More on Implementation of Training

Train the Trainer Video 4 – More on Implementation of Training

Maximizing implementation of your training must start from the very beginning of a training program or workshop. By taking a little extra time to help participants get clarity about what they want from the course and more importantly, how they will benefit from it, trainers set the focus of their participants to find the specific information reliant to their objectives. And when trainers tie the training into actual problem solving for the specific problems they have, then participants become more vested in the training and the content provided.

One tool we use in Directive Communication Psychology based workshops is the World of Work Map

Training tools

This tool supports the association between the ability and probability of solving problems at work that affect motivation, and the review of each specific learning module and key learnings that will help to solve participants issues which in turn supports application of learning and the achievement of objectives.




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11 thoughts on “Train the Trainer Video 4 – More on Implementation of Training

  1. I often think trainings like these are boring and obligatory but with this kind of set up and tools, I can simply say, yours are awesome and thus maximize the implementation part.

  2. You are right, Arthur. Trainers should evaluate first the participants specific goals and problems, so they can truly relate and apply their learnings effectively. I will be endorsing this to our management. Thanks for the info.

  3. Prachla Malhotra

    Post training implementation is one of the major challenges for a trainer. This video and tool mentioned in here actually does help improve the retention and implementation post the trainings. Which basically makes it more tangible in terms of success for all!

  4. Rakhi Softa Sharma

    Very relevant and bang on target, as in training specially when its a open workshop. people come from different backgrounds, Find a common ground is at times challenging. The world of work map help them n trainer identify their personal quests.

  5. I have personally used the “World of Work Map” in some of my training programs and found them very effective in problem solving. I would recommend this to be used by more trainers in their programs.

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