This set Includes:

  • Templates to create your own DC based curriculums
  • Strategies for applying your own expertise to development
  • Creating Games with the Psychological edge
  • Incorporating “Action Spheres” to inspire learning implementation for each new topic
  • CD with DC Manual Parts divided by topic for easy inclusion into a new curriculum

Transform Your Current Experience and Create Your Own DC based Training Manuals for Your own workshops and seminars with Your Own Expertise

Use all the DC applications you have learned so far to turbo-charge your own knowledge and expertise. Apply the power of DC psychology the ability to inspire and influence groups to what you already know, and you have a program that will be evaluated with the highest marks. Create relevant games and exercises that reinforce learning and improve training implementation. Use DC psychology to turn the most boring subjects into fun and interesting classes. Get better implementation results AFTER your workshops which means more return business. Get higher evaluations on the quality of your Training Manuals.

DC Based Curriculum Development Facilitators Guide – (Each with a comprehensive, step by step training process with questions, practical exercises, training games and quizzes)

1.Train the Trainer Facilitators Guide

    Each Guide Includes:

  • Quick Glance Flash Cards
  • Quick Glance Exercises and Games
  • Quick Glance Delivery Notes/Timing
  • Complete Delivery Guide
  • Course Quizzes and Assessments

The DC Based Curriculum Development Facilitators Guide take out the Guesswork in Your Training while giving you the Flexibility to add Your Own Personality and Expertise
Each Facilitators guide corresponds with each participant manual and provides as much or as little direction as you need.

Your DC Based Curriculum Development delivery guide contains:

  • Full scripts
  • Questions
  • Presentation and speaking tips
  • Game scripts and more…

DC Based Curriculum Development multi-media to complement a competent delivery

  • Presentation slides
  • DC tools and instructions
  • Presentation practice CDs and DVDs

Marketing materials to assist you in promoting DC Based Curriculum Development based programs including

  • Marketing letters and emails
  • Follow up emails and replies
  • Promo videos you can give away
  • Graphics and artwork CDs for your own materials

Get a soft copy of its DC Based Curriculum Development Participants Manual so you can reprint it for your participants


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