About this Train the Trainer Certification

  • Have you gone through the first 3 DC Certifications and found you have more return business?
  • Do you want to apply your Personal Expertise to DC foundations and turbo charge learning results?
  • Do you want to make ANY type of Training fun with more impact?
  • Do you want to take your experience to the next level and get higher implementation of training?

What will you get :

  • Templates to create your own DC Based Curriculums
  • Strategies for applaying your own expertise
  • Creating games
  • Incorporating “Action Spheres” to inspire learning implementation for each new topic
  • CD with Manuals Parts divided by topic for easy inclusion into a new curriculum

Training Manual Set Includes:

  • Quick Glance Flash Cards
  • Glance Exercises and Games
  • Quick Glance Delivery Notes
  • Complete Delivery Guide
  • Course Quizzes and Assessments

RAs a Level 4 DC certified Trainer and Facilitator with the “DC Based Curriculum Development”, you will not only be able to train internationally recognised DC Certified Training Programs, but incorporate your DC knowledge to add a whole new level to your training offerings.

DC Based Curriculum Development is the Fourth of 8 DC Psychology Trainer Certifications. And, if you have done DC workshops after the first 3 modules, you how powerful DC applications to Training are. This is the final module of the Essential Train the Trainer Course before moving on to advanced trainer certifications

As an Trainer Certified in the DC Based Curriculum Development and part of the Directive Communication Team

  • You will be qualified to develop DC psychology based Training programs using personal expertise
  • You will be able to design new DC psychology based training games
  • You will have the ability to leverage your current knowledge to expand your training curriculum
  • You will be able to facilitate senior manages in strategic planning and vision development sessions
  • You will be qualified to train others on how to influence groups to action through presentations
  • You will become an expert in using DC Games and Exercises for maximum impact
  • You will be certified in Mastery in Dynamic Speaking and able to improve the delivery and evaluations of ALL your existing programs PLUS deliver a variety of ½ day, full day, or 2 day courses combining Colored Brain and Emotional Drive applications with Presentation skills, Speaking group influence.

But most importantly if you are in business for yourself, is you will be a part of an elite international team to take your business to the NEXT level.

Train the Trainer Course ObjectivesDC Based Curriculum Development
Directive Communication Psychology allows you to:

  • Learn the foundations of Directive Communication Psychology as it applies to ANY soft skill discipline
  • Apply DC Training Game concepts to creating games and exercises for specific areas of expertise
  • Use DC Psychology Structures to make other boring subjects More Fun with Higher Retention
  • Learn the Psychology of Stories and how to focus them into Mind Changing internalizations
  • Learn to Mix and Match DC components and manuals in with your own competencies to create personalized programs
  • Make more money by depositing your completed DC based personalized programs with DCI and train trainers who want to learn your unique programs
  • Learn to create facilitation manuals and get royalties for your unique training ideas
  • Transfer even more knowledge and make even more money by creating online content for the DC-Online Learning portal


What is Directive Communication Psychology?

Directive Communication (DC) is a training and organizational development psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi that affects how people act and react in teams and organizations. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative work culture and leadership across any discipline within an organization. The DC methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving groups and corporate culture, team development and work enhancement, and in high yield training development. Watch the Video on Directive Communication


DC Based Curriculum Development – Applying DC techniques and strategies to specific disciplines

This advanced train the trainer module assumes you already have taken the first 3 modules and have advanced DC psychology presentation skills and knowledge. Learn how to develop DC psychology based training games, Learn how to transfer your personal expertise into a DC context and turbo charge your training results, Learn the strategies for commercializing your existing knowledge and earn more money.

You will maximize your income potential by using your unique skill base to train other DC practitioners with your DC based Train the Trainer programs and online learning. Get royalties on joint development of commercial games and courses.



Directive Communication Psychology allows you to :
Improve the results and objectives of your corporate training and get better reviews.
Create a dynamic environment in within your audience and create Star Appeal as a speaker/trainer
Multiply your power as a speaker, facilitator or trainer with easy to learn, proprietary advanced techniques that only a select group of speakers know


Target Audience:
Corporate and individual trainers / facilitators. Anyone who is looking to embark in the training industry with a ready available training methodology and tools.


1. Introduction to Curriculum Development

Structure and Theory
Objective Focused Outlines
Incorporating the RAS for better retention
Marketing Purposed Curriculums
2. Incorporating DC Psychology
Isolating unique skill sets
Applying the 10 assumptions of DC
Encoded Assumptions variations
Circle of Tolerance variations
Colored Brain variations
Emotional Drive variations
Commitment Pyramid variations
Posture variations
Decisions and reality variations
CBC Card applications
Colored Glasses variations
Human Drivers Challenge variations
Re Purposing Environment Dolls
Applications of Choudhury Mind Maze
3. Participant Presentations
4. Setting up for Future Business

Incorporating Hypnotic Directive Questions
Being different than the rest
Course Titles, headlines, and Marketing
Being the best of the rest
5. Curriculum Commercialization

Setting it up for your own Train the Trainer
Creating Facilitator Guides
New game creation and promotion
DCI as your partner

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