About this Train the Trainer Certification

  • Are you a Trainer looking for something to PUSH your business forward?
  • Are YOU DIFFERENT or Tangibly Better than other Trainers… Or do you compete on Price?
  • Can you show Fast, Tangible Results and International Reputation?
  • Do you have a deep understanding of the Psychology behind why people react to each other in groups and how to influence those same dynamics to get up to 42% better cooperation?

Stand Out and Be Recognized! As a successful certified Colored Brain Facilitator/Practitioner, you be among the Elite of International Certified Trainers and will have the credentials to and content to prove it.

Colored Brain is the first and most important of 8 DC Psychology qualifications. And, in a time of economic turmoil, it is the key to turbo-charge you business and to eliminate much of the stress and frustration that may exist for you and your clients

Train Topics like:

  • Workforce Enhancement
  • Colored Brain Communication
  • Maximizing Human Capital
  • HR Applications of the CBCI
  • Nurturing Better Relationships

As a Colored Brain Facilitator and part of the Directive Communication Team

You will be qualified to train others to identify people with different colored brains and how they can APPLY that for GREATER PRODUCTIVITY at work and home.

You will be able to properly administer and interpret the Directive Communication Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI).

You will have the mechanism to transform people to bring out the best in each other and create a working environment of better cooperation and personal/organizational success.

You will be certified in Colored Brain applications and able to deliver a variety of ½ day, full day, or 2 day courses on Colored Brain and its organizational and career enhancement applications.

But most importantly if you are in business for yourself, is you will be a part of an elite international team and get business and marketing support to take your business to the NEXT level.


Train The Trainer Certification

Directive Communication Psychology allows you to:

  • Learn the foundations of Directive Communication Psychology and incorporate the program in your training programs .
  • Apply the DC Colored Brain model to improve the effectiveness of your teams, leadership, and personal productivity .
  • Administer the Colored Brain Communication Inventory, understand and interpret the scoring, genetic processing, and mental flexibility and miscommunication insights.
  • Use the Colored Brain Communication Cards, apply usage in training, and interpret what is said at the subconscious level of the mind.
  • Develop ability to identify people with different colored brains and how they can apply that for greater productivity at work and home.
  • Develop mechanism to transform people to bring out the best in each other and create a working environment of better cooperation and personal/organizational success.
  • Learn a variety of other tools for specific use in training.

What is Directive Communication Psychology?

Directive Communication (DC) is a training and organizational development psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi that affects how people act and react in teams and organizations. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high performance cooperative work culture and leadership across any discipline within an organization. The DC methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving groups and corporate culture, team development and work enhancement, and in high yield training development. Watch the Video on Directive Communication

Colored Brain Communications – How your brain Communicates?

Colored Brain Psychometric Profile

By identifying the fundamental patterns in the way our brain genetically processes the world around us, we overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential. Awareness of these “Brain Communication” processes gives us the means to maximize our capacity to act intelligently, to Turbo Charge our natural gifts and use them to maximize our ability to develop “software” for our brain to achieve greater competence across many disciplines. We are able to understand others at a deeper level and unleash greater potential for relationships at work and at home, for easier learning and teaching, and for greater harmony and cooperation with our environment and our teams.


Colored Brain Psychometric Profile

Directive Communication Psychology allows you to :

  • Accelerate the results and objectives of your corporate training.
  • Provide your training with psychological tools to cultivate synergy and cooperation.
  • Multiply the effectiveness of your leadership and high potentials.

Target Audience:

Corporate and individual trainers / facilitators. Anyone who is looking to embark in the training industry with a ready available training methodology and tool.

1. Introduction to DC Psychology

History of Directive Communication
Benefits of Directive Communication
DC Training Methodology
Training outcomes / end results / block

2. Foundations of Brain Communication

Encoded Assumptions & Rules of Engagement
Acting Intelligently
The Colored Brain Model
Colored Glasses Syndrome
The Colored Brain Processors – Green, Red, Blue & Purple
The Colored Brain Communication Inventory administration
Organizational Colors
Using the Colored Brain Communication cards

3. Establishing the Competency Foundations

Communication Dynamics
The Colored Company Game – Exercise
The Language of Brain Racism

4. Influencing Behaviors

The Color of Leadership
Directive Feedback for different colors

5. Expanding Competency

Using CBC cards in Self Decision Making
Colored Decision about People
Writing New Brain Software

6. Colored Team Dynamics

The Color of Teams
The Colored Brain Leadership
The Choudhury Mind Maze – exercise

7. Facilitating to a Colored Audience

Train The Trainer Program

Getting your audience engaged-why they need to know
Using colors to create up to 42% better comprehension and understanding
Practice & Implementation – Your Facilitation Skill
Written & Practical Test
Review and Colored Conclusions
Evaluations & Testimonials

Included With Your:

Colored Brain Psychometric Tool KitColored Brain Communication and the CBCI Participant Manual
Colored Brain and the CBCI Facilitators Guide
Marketing materials to assist you in promoting your Colored Brain and the CBCI workshops and talks
Print you own Colored Brain and the CBCI participant manuals with a soft copy on CD
Colored Brain and the CBCI multi-media to complement a competent delivery

The Certification workshop includes:

1. Manuals & Guides

Specifically designed participant manual.
Comprehensive facilitators guide that provides detailed actions in a training environment.
Comprehensive audio and video guides to lead you to successful implementation.

2. Proprietary Tools

Proprietary games insure fun and have proven exceptional learning results.
Proprietary psychometric instruments.

3. Business supporting materials

Marketing materials and pre-designed ads, letters and advertorials.
Soft copies of our marketing materials for easy modifications and electronic distribution.
Marketing and PR check lists that allow easy adaptation to any business environment.
Printed postcards for easy follow-up.
A systematic journal with step-by-step workbook .

4. Accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology (upon successful completing and passing written and practical test)

Included in the Package ( Worth US$560 )

Participant Training Manual & Facilitator Guide (plus Manual on CD)
CBC cards.
Identity Intelligence Book.
Marketing, Instructional Video & Audio CDs.
Colored Business Game.
Colored glasses set.
Choudhury Mind Maze.
Colored Brain Communication Field Manual

Learning Games and Learning Tools for Corporate Training and Personal Development, Organizational Development and Leadership Development