Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation (Personal development, Organizational development)
Train topics like:

  • Emotional Leadership
  • Team Motivation
  • Sales and Influence
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Maintaining Great Relationships

Find Peoples Real Motivating Factors and the affects of Emotional Drive on Productivity

Organizational Emotional Drive builds on the Colored Brain applications in Module 1 to provide a greater scope of use in organisational development and training. When we understand emotional drive, we understand why act and react in groups. We understand why some things motivate us and other de-motivate us. And, we understand the psychological buttons to push to influence these groups.

There are eight fundamental Emotional drivers. Each is present in everybody, but not all are of equal importance. Each is achieved in different ways and each of us has a different order of importance. We are constantly filling these drivers; sometimes in positive ways and sometimes not. This management training module provides the tools to easily identify the Emotional Dynamics and how they are being affected throughout the day. Great Performance is a balance of fulfillment and the Promise of fulfillment of each of the emotional drives.

Learn how to coach and train leaders, managers and entrepreneurs how to quickly and easily motivate their teams and departments. Inform them how to nurture passion in their people maximize personal and organizational effectiveness with emotional alignment and motivational fit.

Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation Facilitators Guide – (Each with a comprehensive, step by step training process with questions, practical exercises, training games and quizzes)

Each Guide Includes:

  • Quick Glance Flash Cards
  • Quick Glance Exercises and Games
  • Quick Glance Delivery Notes/Timing
  • Complete Delivery Guide
  • Course Quizzes and Assessments

Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation Facilitators Guide take out the Guesswork in Your Training while giving you the Flexibility to add Your Own Personality and Expertise
Each Facilitators guide corresponds with each participant manual and provides as much or as little direction as you need.

Your Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation delivery guide contains:

  • Full scripts
  • Questions
  • Presentation and speaking tips
  • Game scripts and more…

Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation multi-media to complement a competent delivery

  • Presentation slides
  • DC tools and instructions
  • Presentation practice CDs and DVDs

Marketing materials to assist you in promoting your Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation workshops and talks including

  • Marketing letters and emails
  • Follow up emails and replies
  • Promo videos you can give away
  • Graphics and artwork CDs for your own materials

Print you own Organizational Emotional Drive and Motivation participant manuals with a soft copy on CD


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