Train topics like:

  • Workforce Enhancement
  • Colored Brain Communication
  • Maximizing Human Capital
  • HR Applications of the CBCI
  • Maintaining Better Relationships

Quickly and Visibly Improve the Effectiveness of Teams, Leadership, and Personal Productivity
with the Directive Communication Psychology Colored Brain Method

Colored Brain is the most popular training module and also the foundation for your return business. By identifying the way our brain is genetically processing the world around us, we can train others to overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential. By assisting training participant an awareness of these “Brain Communication” processes, we maximize their ability act intelligently, we move them to promote their natural gifts and use them to maximize ability. This awareness also assists in developing “software” for our brain to achieve greater competence across various disciplines. When we assist participants to understand others at a deeper level, we unleash their greater potential for relationships at work and at home, for easier learning and teaching, and for greater harmony and cooperation with their organization’s environment.

The CBCI psychometric profiling tool is the only tool on the market which allows you to identify how people process they experience in the world, how it affects their interaction and productivity with others and their ability to learn new skills. In the past six years, new advances in Human psychology have shown the importance of genetics in relationship to communication. If you are not Keeping up with the latest technology, you are falling behind. Become more valuable to your clients by showing them instant results in better communication and understanding with the Colored Brain and the CBCI, the latest in Management training tools and methods.

Sell the CBCI to your clients and make almost 70% Profit

Colored Brain and the CBCI Facilitators Guide – (Each with a comprehensive, step by step training process with questions, practical exercises, training games and quizzes)

1.Train the Trainer Facilitators Guide

    Each Guide Includes:

  • Quick Glance Flash Cards
  • Quick Glance Exercises and Games
  • Quick Glance Delivery Notes/Timing
  • Complete Delivery Guide
  • Course Quizzes and Assessments

The Colored Brain Facilitators Guide take out the Guesswork in Your Training while giving you the Flexibility to add Your Own Personality and Expertise
Each Facilitators guide corresponds with each participant manual and provides as much or as little direction as you need.

Your Colored Brain and the CBCI delivery guide contains:

  • Full scripts
  • Questions
  • Presentation and speaking tips
  • Game scripts and more…

Colored Brain and the CBCI multi-media to complement a competent delivery

  • Presentation slides
  • DC tools and instructions
  • Presentation practice CDs and DVDs

Marketing materials to assist you in promoting colored brain based programs including

  • Marketing letters and emails
  • Follow up emails and replies
  • Promo videos you can give away
  • Graphics and artwork CDs for your own materials

Get a soft copy of its Colored Brain Communication Participants Manual so you can reprint it for your participants


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