What is King’s Apprentice

Super cool Reality Based experiential leadership development and Leadership Challenge program over 5 days in a tropical heaven of Bali where each team of leaders is given a village to manage. Sounds super fun but also super challenging! This is how we coach you and give you fascinating skills to support extreme leadership development and ability to achieve results with limited resources. Only with Directive Communication. And can you think of a more fantastic location? We didn’t think so!

So are you ready for some real life action?


Culture Change

The learning is both ways since the highly supportive culture of the villages reflects why people do a lot of extra work without compensation, and participants need to make a 5 point difference in 5 days with limited resources. There are multiple natural barriers such unfamiliar environment, language, trust, and motivation… then, to make it more “educational” we add a few more to incorporate work stress, competition, change factors, new process introduction… and even politics and social issues.

 Each of the teams will have their own DC certified coach to support them getting the most attitude improvement and leader transforming benefits from the programs.

The end result will be participants who have supported a rural village with a better infrastructure to further develop village based revenue and improve the quality of life for all involved while still maintaining the culture and traditions. Participants will also learn not only from the events and trials, but also from the Balinese culture of supreme loyalty to the village and its success… lessons that are transferable to creating a superior organizational culture

Organizational Culture Change

The Teams were Tried and Measured in 5 Areas of Leadership Skills

  • Profit
  • Branding
  • Motivation
  • Agility
  • Innovation

The teams had only 5 days to make an impact on the village and its people. Creating a higher quality of life within a culture of supreme group loyalty. They were competing against each other to see who could make the bigger impact on all 5 points for sustainable improvement of the quality of life without damaging the inherent culture. The course included a number of real world challenges that participants need to overcome. this gives the necessary tools to be better leaders in stressful situations. And the Balinese culture of cohesiveness and loyalty supports the knowledge of how to influence a positive team culture back to their working environment!