The Big Bang of the Second Day of DC TTT, Bali, March 26

The Big Bang of the Second Day of DC TTT, Bali, March 26

The Colored Brain Theory started to work in reality!


How about starting your day with great mood and tons of laughs? That is exactly what happened in Avalon Villa Resort in Ubud today, as participants of DC TTT program started to know each other better. With a fantastic push from Arthur Carmazzi who was making them having super fun and learn at the same time the whole morning.

So the second day started with a Big Bang!

First teams were grouped by brain colour and they had to design T-shirt which best represents their brain colour.

It was unbelievable how ‘The Blues’, ‘ The Reds’, ‘ The Greens’ and ‘ The Purples’ all worked in a different way. And the best thing was that all of them started to realize how effective the Coloured Brain Theory really is. That was just the beginning of the team-work and lots of fun. Because in a next DC game Reds, Blues, Greens and Purples had to go out there, earn lots of money, fight the mean bankers and succeed!


Each team failed and only DC Guru, Arthur Carmazzi, knows the reason why. Just the tip for all of you who want to join us for this amazing program next time – TEAM WORK! 

This team-work exercise also shows that we should all learn how to get into another people’s shoes, or to be more precise – how to get in their ‘Coloured Brain shoes’. How do you do that? It is the technique you can use at your work place but also at home. DC actually teaches you how to focus on your strengths and leverage on the strengths of others.

‘We often try being something we are not’, – Arthur said and everybody agreed.
Because on the second day of the program everything started to kick in – everyone was active and started to understand how great a DC coloured brain program works even while taking it! And that there is actually no need to be something that we are not.

How to implement ‘No Blame Zone’, ‘No Lizard Zone’ and ‘Use the Rainbow Glasses’ are terms that maybe sounded strange before program, but all of a sudden they started making a lot of sense.

For life-coach Sara it meant a lot new discoveries and how great it would be to implement the knowledge of Coloured Brain and Rainbow Glasses especially while working in with a team.


Martin who is a trainer himself, finds the Coloured Brain cards also useful – for breaking down the communication barriers.

So if you are wondering now what kind of cards are those, we have a video to answer that question. First you have to imagine that all of a sudden you have 10 million dollars. What would you do?

After watching our video you will not get them, but you will see how Arthur can be not only a business- trainer guru, but also a sort of a prophet. Because with DC cards you can determine what colour brain is a person and why she or he acts in a certain way. Check it out, it is super cool and interesting!

Everybody can learn how to do that! That is why we planning to have another DC TTT Program soon. On May, 29 there will be another chance for spending 5 glorious days in amazing Avalon Villa Resort in Ubud among people who share the same passion for learning how to become a better Leader and better Person.

Since all the spots are being taken very quickly – don’t hesitate. Be proactive, click the link and check all other locations and dates!