Start with HOW – The Dividing Factor Infographic

Start with HOW – The Dividing Factor Infographic

You may have Heard about Start with Why. While the notion is very sound, the Leadership and culture Issues that arise when different approaches to achieving the What and the Why appear, often prevents the ultimate objectives. This becomes the Dividing Factor that affects the outcome. BUT, if you try and force people to use only one approach, you will KILL innovation and the passion that comes with it! So their must be multiple HOW’s to achieve greater results. And when we incorporate or even tolerate different HOW’s, we build trust, synergy and engagement. The problem usually arises when YOUR HOW has been very successful for you and then Assume that the same HOW will be successful for others

When part of the objective is to improve Engagement, Efficiency and Motivation to improve the bottom line, the “Why” and an understanding of the individual “HOW” cannot be separated. While more profit is essential to sustainable business, focusing only on profit is not always the most effective way to achieve it. Here is an Infographic that will provide insights to understanding your How to live up to your Why in the process of achieving your What.


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Start with WHY - HOW infographic