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Product Description

Develop Cooperative, Interested and Competent Teams with the Newest Brain Communication Psychometric Profiling tool!

Identify Genetic communication processes to improve communication and understanding for superior and effective decision making in workforce’s.

CBCI Psychometric Profiling Tool

Know why others have been frustrating you and how to improve work and personal relationships

CBCI Psychometric Tool

The CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) is a SIMPLE to apply Psychometric Tool because the focus of this tool addresses both the genetic processing that determines our perception of the world and how our genetics and our environment affects our actions. Discover your “Brain Flexibility” (learned characteristics that have been developed through environment) that identifies what learned abilities will help you to understand, work with and relate to others better. This tool shows you your genetically hard wired brain processing built to interpret information and the world around you. It also helps you identify why we FAIL when we are “forced” to swallow systems or procedures or management styles that are “designed” for a DIFFERENT brain processor. find out why some parts of your job tend to be less efficient and less fulfilled.

Gain a greater understanding of the processor we are running in our brain, it becomes easier to design the right “software” to do the job better and more effectively. The CBCI helps do just that. The second part of the profile also determines the areas necessary to gain more “Communication Flexibility” in order to work well with other types of brain processors.

Benefits to Your Organization

Organizational Development and Team Building are only the Begining

By Understanding our own communication processes, we better understand our perceptions of others and why frustrations arise when dealing with others. HR managers and Department heads can apply knowledge of their own Colored Brain to be more effective in dealing with others to maximize productivity and alignment by helping others be more successful at their jobs. Using the CBCI will enable leaders and managers to have a greater understanding of what is required to better perform their jobs, enhance their natural own talents and improve the competence of others through awareness of their natural talent and how to harness them for greater success.

What are the benefits to your organization:

  • Know if an applicant will have the right attitude toward a job or team designation
  • Compatibility with a team leader, immediate supervisor or colleagues
  • Quantify the leadership potential of prospective candidates
  • Prevent conflict between team members or employees
  • Determine an employee’s natural talents and passion to direct their career
  • Determine communication processes to improve methods of learning new skills
  • Suitability to take on new responsibilities
  • Determine an employees brain and need flexibility for lateral progression
  • Ability to maintain interpersonal relations within a team