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These are the ultimate tools for people who want to get the most from their brain and facilitators who want to help them! The CBC cards are designed to bring out the power of the subconscious mind and identity how to bring out the best in a person. Discover NEW ways to improve learning retention, identify work processing, motivational fit, etc.

Product Description

Directive Communication™ Colored Brain Communication Cards

The Ultimate Management Tool for Training & Coaching People for Improving Communication and Brain Power and the Leaders and Facilitators who want to help them!

Are you Leading or Managing Teams?

Are you Facilitating Training or Developing People?

Are you Managing or Coaching others to be more of who they can be?

The Colored Brain Communication (CBC) cards were designed to bring out the power of the subconscious mind and identify how to bring out the best in each individual, but as managers, facilitators and trainers began to use them…

They discovered NEW ways to improve learning retention and to identify work processing and motivational fit. They discovered interview strategies that helped to select better candidates. They uncovered coaching strategies that improved personal effectiveness in others, and the found games they could play with their children to develop and bond with them in powerful ways… and SO MUCH MORE!

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Here are some applications of CBC Cards:

  • Make better decisions with more insights
  • Assess the way someone really feels about a situation or project
  • To communicate to yourself and others at the deepest most intimate levels
  • Improve your relationships
  • Interview and selection
  • Discover the way a person genetically processes information for super communication and understanding
  • Get a better understanding of the consequences and benefits for required actions
  • Help others to realize a greater meaning in what they are doing
  • Discover the emotional needs of those you work and live with and express your needs
  • Creating deeper communication between people working together
  • Establish the motivating factors that make others excel
  • Discovering greater insights about people, products or services
  • Creative idea generation and brain storming
  • Create new systems of effective work
  • More effective Sales Closing
  • Leading Work Improvement Teams (WIT)
  • Managing Quality Improvement Teams (QIT)

…And all this in a fun self-reflective and nurturing process

When you use the CBC cards, you are accessing the subconscious forgotten knowledge, feelings and memories pertinent to the focus YOU create!

CBC Cards are also used for Arthur’s Famous “Mind Reading” trick that he teaches during the DC Train the Trainer. Watch one here:



The CBC cards were researched, designed and refined by Arthur F Carmazzi over a 2 year period with more than 4000 trails. They are designed with 52 carefully chosen images to elicit subconscious thoughts, emotions and even lost memories associated with a particular focus. By extracting subconscious associations to images specially related to genetic brain processes, emotional drive, and value matrix, the CBC cards uncover much of what is hidden from our conscious thinking and communication.

The cognitive process in decision making and information delivery uses available conscious references and accesses feelings, knowledge, and information associated with that decision or focus. CBC cards aid in drawing out and the solidification of these thoughts, information and feelings by introducing a visual catalyst that stimulates the association between ideas, thought processes, logic, and emotions.

When the Cards are used in a “Game”, the visual cortex and subconscious take over and the mind relaxes its defenses, allowing a more honest communication to surface. The “character” of the subconscious emerges and one can observe truth over conscious defenses, and this includes SELF communication.

Colored Brain Communication Cards are validated by the American Institute of Business Psychology.

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