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DC Client Speak

DC Client Speak

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Practitioner Certification in
Directive Communication Psychology.

The tools and technology you and your staff will learn at the Foundations in Directive Communication (DC) course have been in making for the past 12 years. Gathering a selected group of trainers, industry leaders, and psychologists we have been consistently improving the program, and the DC methodology, to assure that you not only get extraordinary results in your training, workforces enhancement, or organizational cooperation, but most importantly, that the RESULTS last.

Knowing that when we just learn skills, or get external motivation, we eventually go back to the way it was (maybe with a few more distinctions, but still back to the same old ways). So Arthur and his Exclusive Team gathered a group of top leaders and achievers to discover the strategies of…

Creating Lasting Transformation

…and put together the most excellent, self replicating, long lasting, DC based Organisational Development program yet.

The Foundations 3 day program takes the essence of our 5 day Bali boot camp and condenses it into the most Impactful 3 days you will have ever experienced. In fact, we are so confident that participants of this 3 day seminar event will find enough value to make a difference in their training, their teams, their organization and themselves, that Arthur personally will take the time to follow up with you and make sure you get the Results you wanted!

Why This Program?

  • Affect the perspective of people in groups to be more inspired by their jobs
  • Apply Directive Communication Psychology to influence group dynamics
  • Influence the cooperation and interaction of groups you work with
  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of your communication
  • Improve the attitudes of the people around you
  • Apply Directive Communiation to enhance the way people work with each other
  • Apply Directive Communiation to increase drive and affect competence
  • Overcome some of the resistance to change and induce empowerment

Foundations in Directive Communication?

What do you get when you and your staff attend Foundations in Directive Communication?

First, YOU get the Directive Communication methodology, tools, applications, and associated case studies,this provides you an awareness of yourself and how your “Identity” interacts with your  environment (be it an organisation, a workshop, or even at home). Which in turn gives you clarity in how you can make more conscious decisions to affect your environment for greater results. And provides a frame work by which to appreciate and make the most of the abilities and roles of those around you. And even Better, transfer what you have learned in a such a Powerful way, that it can literaly change the culture of the groups you interact in!

Then, you learn to take advantage of the psychological opportunities and resources that have been hidden in your trainings, your organization, your team, and yourself. Opportunities that once released, will TURBO-CHARGE your and those in your groups and organisations into highly effective and motivated super achievers.

Second, be in command of the psychology that creates drive. There are great content programs out there, but not one that we’ve seen that literally internalizes the concepts in to the participants Psychology. It’s no longer about whether or not you will implement these tactics, but how quickly they will catch on in your organization. Sustaining and replicating this essence of Psycho-Productivity draws out passion about work, products and organizations, and sets the foundation to break thru bad habits to create a group and organisational culture that empowers teams, and organisations.

You will Tap into the creative part of your brain which magnifies innovation and learning. Apply the psychology that maximizes team productivity with Arthur’s Colored Brain Teams and the revolutionary approaches to solving “unsolvable” challenges.

Create systems that will allow you to maintain your group’s or company’s productivity. Being able to do more with less and increasing profit margins through the life blood of any organization, its people. When key individuals from your organization participate in DC Seminars, they return with a master set of resources that will replicate what they have learned and explode the organizations success throughout their department.